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Chapter 3517: 3517
Chapter 3517 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 7

“Mr . Su, are you busy?”

“Whoa . Dr . Huo, what can I do for you?”

“Would you come out and have supper with us? My treat . ”

“Haha . You’re inviting me to have supper? Is the sun rising from the west?”

“You sound as if I’m a miser . ” Huo Mian was exasperated .

“Dr . Huo, do you have a secret agenda?”

“Yeah, do you dare to come?”

“Of course . I’d eat poison if you buy it for me . ”

“Great . Then Mr . Qin and I will wait for you in room 808, Xiang Jiang Garden . Bring An with you since it’s just a supper for friends . ”

“Okay . See you in a while . ”

Hanging up, Su Yu stood up . “Let’s go and get a big meal for free . ”

“A big meal for free?” An was confused .

“Vice Director Huo, who earns one million a year, is inviting us to have supper . ”

“President Huo’s inviting us? Will Lu Yan be there?” An blurted out the first thought on his mind .

“Damn it . Can you think of anything else? How can Lu Yan be there? She has been gone for days . ”

An scratched his head bashfully .

“Go and bring my car out of the parking lot and wait for me at the gate . ”

“Wait . President Su, you have an appointment with some producers to talk about the new movie,” An reminded him .

“Tell them I’ll meet them another day . ”

“Do you think it’s wise? They got the appointment a week ago . ”

“I’ll go see them after supper . Ask someone to take them to have fun in Seductive Fox and I’ll be there later . ”

“Okay . ”

An knew his boss was always eager to see Dr . Huo .

The Xiang Jiang Garden restaurant was chosen by Mrs . Su .

Decorated in Chinese style, the place looked antiqued and elegant .

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Mrs . Su dropped Han Yueyao at the gate and left with the car .

Huo Mian and Qin Chu saw Han Yueyao waiting in the lobby .

On their way here, Huo Mian had briefed the whole thing to Qin Chu .

Mr . Qin thought they must help Mrs . Su since they were indebted to Su Yu .

“Sister Mian, is this your husband?”

“Yeah . ”

“Wow… He’s so handsome…” The young girl was open with her appreciation of Qin Chu’s good looks .

But Huo Mian liked her straightforwardness, thinking it was better than scheming behind her back .

“Let’s go in . They’ll be here soon . ”

“Okay . ”

“Miss Han,” Huo Mian began .

“Please call me Yao . ”

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“Yao, did Aunt Su tell you what to say in a minute?”

“Yeah . I’ll say I’m your distant cousin, so I can enter President Su’s company . ”

“Okay . Good . ”

Five minutes after they entered the compartment, Su Yu arrived and took a seat next to Qin Chu .

“Come on . Read the menu and order whatever you want . ”

“Don’t worry . I’ll pick the most expensive dishes . I’m here to rob the rich,” Su Yu joked .

“No problem . Go ahead . By the way, Mr . Su, this is Han Yueyao, my distant cousin . ”

“Huo Mian, can you tell me how many sisters and cousins you have? Are you the seven fairies descending into the mortal world?”

“Hahaha! That’s nonsense . Her name is Han Yueyao, and she just graduated from a dancing academy . ”

“Hello, Su Yu,” the young girl greeted him politely .

“Hello . ”

Su Yu nodded at her and resumed reading the menu .

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“Mr . Su, I need to ask you a favor . ” Huo Mian thought it was time to broach the topic .

“Humph . I knew you were up to no good when you asked me out for supper . ”

“How can you say that? The favor I ask from you is a good thing . ”

“Tell me about it but I can’t promise that I will help you,” Su Yu said jokingly .

“It’s fine . If you don’t help me, the meal is on you,” Huo Mian responded .

Su Yu: “…”

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