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Chapter 3518: 3518
Chapter 3518 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 8

“Qin Chu, do you think it’s wise for you guys to treat me this way?” Su Yu was exasperated .

“I listen to my wife,” Qin Chu said immediately, stunning Su Yu and An…

“I was caught off guard by this sudden bout of PDA,” Su Yu complained .

Sitting beside them, Han Yueyao was surprised as she watched Su Yu, Qin Chu, and Huo Mian banter without any awkwardness .

“Okay, stop joking . I’ll get to the point . ”

“Dr . Huo, I’m at your service . ” Su Yu took a sip of his beer .

“Yaoyao hasn’t found a job after graduation . Knowing that your Imperial Star recruits trainees, I hope you can do me a favor and take her in . Of course, her credentials are good as a graduate from the dancing academy, and she is pretty . Mr . Su, you must do this favor for me . ”

“What? Are you a bandit or something? Will you kill me if I don’t do it?” Su Yu laughed .

“Stop joking . I’m serious . ”

Su Yu looked up and glanced at Han Yueyao .

The girl obviously hadn’t had plastic surgery done and had big eyes and good skin .

“You graduated from the dancing academy?” Su Yu asked her .

“Yes . ”

“How old are you?”

“25,” Han Yueyao answered immediately .

“What dance did you learn?”

“Ethnic and folk dance . ”

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“I see…” Su Yu nodded .

“Do you want me to do a dance here?” She was afraid Su Yu didn’t believe her; after all, she didn’t have the graduation certificate on her .

“It’s not necessary . ”

Uncertainly, Han Yueyao glanced at Huo Mian but saw the latter looked calm .

“As a graduate from the dancing academy, why don’t you teach dance or open a dance studio? Why do you want to join the entertainment circle? I just don’t understand,” Su Yu lamented .

Han Yueyao was a little surprised .

Everyone knew the entertainment circle was full of hidden rules, but why do so many parents keep sending their children into it?

And even spend lots of money to train them .

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Of course they do it for fame and money since an list actor makes much more than a scientist does .

One product endorsement would pay over 10 million yuan, which was more than an ordinary person could earn for a lifetime .

She was only surprised that Su Yu would say these things to her .

In fact, Su Yu said it out of kindness since he thought Han Yueyao was Huo Mian’s relative .

Afraid the girl would let it slip, Huo Mian explained immediately, “Acting is Yao’s dream; she isn’t doing it for money or fame . Besides, I asked you to take her in because I’m afraid of the hidden rules in other companies . With your protection, no one would dare to bully her, right?”

“Your flattering stuns me . Huo Mian, you’re really good . ” Su Yu was in a good mood .

Holding his wine glass, he glanced at Qin Chu and said, “Fine . Since she’s your cousin, I’ll make an exception for her . But for the record, I won’t spend money to promote her, at least not for now . After entering the company as a trainee, she is on her own . If she has no acting skills, I won’t give her roles . ”

“No problem . ” Huo Mian knew Auntie Su didn’t want Han Yueyao to be an actress anyway, so acting skills were not something she should be concerned about .

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After all, Auntie Su wanted the girl to be her daughter-in-law .

“Thank you, Su Yu . ” Hearing his words, Han Yueyao was very pleased .

“Does the company offer room and board? Where should I stay tonight?” Han Yueyao asked with wide eyes .

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