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Chapter 3512: 3512
Chapter 3512 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 2

“What are these?” Huo Mian was puzzled .

“Just some snacks that Lu Yan likes . I found that she likes the snacks that were popular in the 90s, such as White Rabbit Creamy Candy and haw rolls, etc . So I went to the market and got some for her . ”

“I must thank you for Yan . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“Don’t mention it . Lu Yan… is also my friend,” An said shyly .

“Fine . Leave the box here . When Yan calls me, I’ll tell her . ”

“Um… President Huo, can you tell me Lu Yan’s phone number?” An mustered his courage and asked . Even though he might not dare to make a call to her, he felt comforted to have her number .

“An, I’m sorry, but I truly don’t know her phone number . She always calls me . ”

“Okay . I won’t take more of your time . Thank you, President Huo . ”

An put the box on the desk and left .

Seeing the box was sealed, Huo Mian didn’t open it and placed it in the cabin in her office, noting mentally to mention it to Lu Yan when she called .

However, Lu Yan was busy . After catching Qiao Nan in Thailand, she was trying to draw out the bigger fish, so she just forgot to call her sister .

Finishing her work, Huo Mian had a vague feeling that she had another task waiting for her .

Racking her brains, she finally remembered the task Auntie Su asked her to do .

Picking up her cellphone, she read the girl’s information that Auntie Su had sent to her .

Han Yueyao, 25 years old; graduated from a dancing academy in Jing City; excels in Chinese ethnic and folk dance; height: 1 . 68 cm; weight: 45 kg .

She lived in the west of Jing City; her father was a scholar and her mother a middle school teacher teaching Chinese .

Her background was ordinary, much inferior to that of Zeng Rou .

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It seemed the Su Family no longer cared about their future daughter-in-law’s background so long as she came from a good family .

Huo Mian believed in astrology and saw the girl was a Sagittarius .

She smiled in resignation, hoping this girl could catch Su Yu’s eye and Auntie Su’s effort wouldn’t be in vain .

Memorizing the information, Huo Mian continued to finish her work on files .

It was almost time to get off work when Mrs . Su came to Mian’s office with the girl .

“Mian, this is Yao,” Mrs . Su introduced the girl benignly .

“Hello . ”

“Hello, sister Huo Mian . ” The girl loved to smile; with her cute canine tooth and big eyes, she looked quite fresh .

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“Auntie, I’ll go to the municipal security bureau with my husband, and then we can have dinner . Is it okay for you?”

“No problem . You finish your business first, don’t worry about us . ”

“Okay, please show her around . I’ll call Su Yu in a while . ”

“I won’t join you at dinner . Mian, don’t let it slip,” Mrs . Su reminded .

“No, I won’t . I’ll say as you told me . ”

“Good . I’ll take Yao to find a restaurant . When you’re finished with your business, go directly to the restaurant . ”

“Okay, Auntie . I’ve got to go now; my husband is waiting for me outside . ”

“Okay . Be careful when you walk . ”

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“I will . ”

Nodding, Huo Mian changed into her coat and walked out carefully .

“Auntie, is Sister Mian the girl that Su Yu has loved for a long time?” Han Yueyao looked after Huo Mian’s back as she left and asked .

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