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Chapter 3513: 3513
Chapter 3513 Who“s Behind Huo Yanyan 3

“You just graduated and must learn from Mian . She’s very low-key . ”

Mrs . Su didn’t answer Han Yueyao’s question; instead, she only praised Huo Mian for her way of doing things and told the girl to learn from her .

“I know . But…”

“Before you came, didn’t your teacher tell you to keep your mouth shut and your hands busy?”

Obviously, Mrs . Su didn’t want the girl to ask lots of questions .

“I got it, Auntie . ”

In fact, Han Yueyao wasn’t Mrs . Su’s distant relative . Her teacher in the dancing academy was a long-time friend of Mrs . Su’s and at the latter’s request, she had chosen Han Yueyao from dozens of girls in her class . Why did she choose Han Yueyao?

Firstly, she was pretty with big eyes .

Secondly, her family background was simple and clean .

Thirdly, she did well in school and got along well with everyone .

The last but the most important reason was that she had never had a boyfriend before .

Why did such a pretty girl have had no boyfriends? Because her mother, a teacher of Chinese, was very strict with her, sending her to a girls-only boarding school .

For the past years, the girl practiced hard on dancing, thinking about nothing but becoming an excellent professional dancer .

Her teacher didn’t tell her the real purpose of the recommendation, only saying that Auntie Su would find her a good job .

Besides, her mother approved it even though she had always wanted her daughter to stay in Jing City .

Han Yueyao didn’t know a lot about the Su Family but she learned that Auntie Su had a son who had a company of his own; his name was Su Yu and he was older than her .

On the way from the airport, she had talked to the chauffeur in curiosity but didn’t get any useful information .

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After all, the chauffeur from the Su Family was well trained and never talked about things they were not supposed to talk about .

Due to curiosity, Han Yueyao googled on the internet and browsed the local gossip forums and found that Su Yu had loved a female doctor for years .

Since the doctor’s name was special, she had memorized it instantly .

But when she tried to ask Auntie Su about it, the latter responded quite coldly, so she didn’t dare to ask more questions . After all, she was only a graduate coming here for a new job .

Knowing nothing about the Su Family’s real purpose of taking her under their wings, Han Yueyao followed Mrs . Su silently and went to the restaurant to prepare for tonight’s supper with Mrs . Su in a luxurious car .

Walking out of the hospital, Huo Mian saw Qin Chu’s black Bentley parked near the gate .

With a smile, she got into the car . “Someone is very punctual . ”

“Of course . I’m never late to pick up my wife . ”

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“Oh, read this . ”

Huo Mian handed him a piece of paper with Han Yueyao’s information on it .

“What’s this?” Qin Chu glanced at it in puzzlement .

Huo Mian told him briefly about Mrs . Su’s request .

“Seeing Zeng Rou is gone, Auntie Su got another girl for Su Yu . But she is afraid Su Yu would object, so…”

“So she enlisted your help,” Qin Chu continued for her .

“Right . ”

“Well, even though the request is inappropriate, we can’t refuse it since it came from Auntie Su; the Su Family did big favors for us,” Qin Chu said .

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Huo Mian had thought Qin Chu would be displeased or get jealous .

But he did none of those and spoke Huo Mian’s mind .

Exhilarated, she threw her arms around Qin Chu’s neck .


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