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Published at 22nd of August 2020 04:40:05 AM
Chapter 3504: 3504

“I want you,” Qiao Fei said .

Understanding his intentions instantly, Lu Yan lifted her foot to stomp his foot .

Fortunately, Qiao Fei reacted quickly and dodged it, or else he’d be in great pain .

“Look at you . Which woman is as violent as you are?”

“But you like violent women, right? You don’t like the pretentious ones, right? Otherwise, you’d have slept with Amy . ”

“Slept with her? I’m not that hungry . ” Qiao Fei’s lips curved up a bit .

“They all say men think with their lower bodies . Do you think I’d believe you? While you were in Russia, you must have enjoyed yourself with Russian girls who have big breasts and big butts, right?” Lu Yan teased him .

“Give me back the body armor, you ungrateful girl . ”

“Hahaha! Shame on you! How can you ask back the thing you gave out…” Lu Yan mocked him .

“Shame on you! You bully your fiancé with a smirking face . ”

“Who said you’re my fiancé? I can replace you at any moment . ” Lu Yan turned her head and looked at Qiao Fei challengingly .

“If you say so, I won’t let you go today . ”

He moved suddenly and pushed her onto the soft big bed in the suite .

Before she could react, he followed and pressed her onto the bed .

“F*ck… You’re shameless . Do you want to rape me?” Lu Yan began to curse .

“No, I want to consummate our marriage . ”

“In your dreams . I’ll smash your face . ” Lu Yan waved her fists .

“Go ahead . Even if you kill me, I’ll do what I want to do…”

Qiao Fei had missed her so much that he couldn’t control his passion when they were alone in the room .

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“Psycho Qiao, do you want me to hit you?”

They were about to engage in a wrestle when a knock came at the door .

They paused at the same time .

“Boss… It’s time for Young Master Qiao to go . The other side finished the preparations . ”

“Do you hear that?”

Qiao Fei looked reluctant…

“Be a good boy, Fei…”

“Don’t call me that . ” Hearing Lu Yan call him Fei, he felt embarrassed .

“Okay, this is the last part of the drama . After all, we’ve put in lots of effort into the drama and can’t stop at this stage . ”

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Lu Yan coaxed him .

“You must give me some enticement,” Qiao Fei threatened .

“Okay . Mwah, mwah . ” Lu Yan kissed his face .

“That’s not enough . ”

Qiao Fei begged for more like a child .

“Then I’ll give you a kiss on the mouth, okay?”

She mustered her courage and raised her head, throwing her arms around his neck .

With her eyes closed, she kissed him…

While she was focused on the kiss, Qiao Fei reached up and touched her chest .

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Instantly, her face turned dark .

Before she could do anything, Qiao Fei jumped up and fled .

“Damn it… You dared to take advantage of me… Psycho Qiao, just wait and see . ”

Caught off guard by Qiao Fei, Lu Yan was touched in a place she had never allowed anyone to touch .

Meanwhile, Lu Yan’s subordinates gave Amy an injection, making her listless, and tossed her on a dirty street .

In less than one minute, she was caught .

“The bitch is here . I got her . ”

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