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Published at 22nd of August 2020 04:40:06 AM
Chapter 3501: 3501

“Boss… It’s really you?” Amy was at a loss for words .

“What do you think?”

“I’m just surprised to see you here . ” Amy tried to remain calm .

“Do you think you’re here on vacation with Qiao Fei?” Lu Yan smiled in contempt .

“There’s nothing between Mr . Qiao and me . He loves you, Boss… I’ve been trying to find an opportunity to bring you guys back together . ”

Amy knew that she must try her best to brown-nose Lu Yan, hoping the latter would soften up and forgive her .

“Hehe . You’re indeed stupid . Do you think I’d buy it?”

“I’m speaking the truth, Boss, I’m not lying . I swear it on my whole family…” Amy raised her hand to take the oath .

“Wasn’t your whole family wiped out years ago and you were the only one left? So, what’s the use of your oath?”

Lu Yan sipped her wine casually as she watched Amy, looking like she was enjoying a joke .

Seeing Lu Yan knew everything about her, Amy became scared and dropped to her knees . “Boss, I was wrong . I was truly wrong . ”

“On your knees again? You kneel so easily, your knees are worthless,” said Lu Yan .

“Boss, I know I was wrong . Please forgive me . ”

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Fearing for her life, Amy begged shamelessly .

“Then tell me what wrong you did? Are you referring to how you betrayed your boss or how you tried to seduce your boss’s man? Or betraying your current master by colluding with Qian Nan?”

“What…are you talking about? I don’t understand . ” Hearing Qiao Nan’s name, Amy played dumb .

“Don’t play dumb with me… Amy, you worked for me for years . If not for me, you’d have been killed by your target long ago . Where’s your conscience? I didn’t ask anything from you after saving your life, but you insisted on working for me as my maid . People all thought you were doing it to repay me . But… was that the truth?”

Amy bit on her lip and didn’t dare to speak .

“You just wanted my protection against your many enemies . In the years you worked for me, I treated you well, putting every penny I promised to you into your bank account for the missions you did . For the more dangerous missions, I always assigned someone to help you . In the years you worked for me, you’d earned at least 200 million yuan, right?”

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“Boss, I…”

“Shut up and listen . ” Lu Yan glanced at her face coldly .

“Yes, Boss . ”

“Under my employment, you even instigated two men to leave me . Of course, I don’t blame you since they wouldn’t have stayed long even without your urging . Under my protection and taking my money, you tried to steal my man and even colluded with that bastard Qiao Nan against your masters . If we lived in ancient times, traitors like you would be skinned alive . ”

“Yes . Boss, I was blinded by passion . Now I truly understand that no matter what I do, Mr . Qiao would never like me . But Qiao Nan forced me to work for him . ”

“Really? Do you want me to bring Qiao Nan here and see what he says about it?”

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“Ah?” Hearing Lu Yan’s words, Amy was stupefied .

It meant that Lu Yan had caught Qiao Nan, too .

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