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Chapter 3502: 3502

In sudden understanding, Amy realized Lu Yan would never pretend to be her for no reason .

Lu Yan must have disguised herself as her to trick Qiao Nan .

At this thought, Amy’s face paled in fear…

“Boss, Qiao Nan is a liar; you can’t believe his words… I’ve done my best to serve Young Master Qiao . ”

“Really? I’ll ask Qiao Fei about that . ”

Lu Yan pressed a button, and her subordinates standing outside opened the door and asked Qiao Fei, who was resting in the next room, to come in .

Seeing Qiao Fei, Amy crawled to him immediately . “Young Master Qiao, please help me… Please say something for me . She only listens to you . ” Amy wept .

Qiao Fei kicked her hand away in disgust .

Looking up at Lu Yan, he said, “See? Even she can see you love me, but you still refuse to admit it . ”

“Damn it . You’re here to question her, not force me to say I love you . Get to the point . ” Lu Yan was exasperated .

With measured steps, Qiao Fei walked over and sat on the sofa next to Lu Yan .

“You said you’re loyal to me . Then why did you follow Qiao Nan’s instructions and drug me?”

Amy’s body shook when she realized they knew everything, including the drug .

“Qiao Nan forced me to do it . He said if I didn’t do it, he’d find other ways to deal with you . Young Master Qiao, I was worried for your safety, so…” Amy didn’t dare to continue .

“So you put the drug in my coffee . Do you know what that drug would do to me?” Qiao Fei continued to ask .

“Qiao Nan said it would only make you listless; it wouldn’t endanger your life,” Amy said with conviction .

“Whoa . You even believed Qiao Nan’s words . Having worked for Lu Yan for years, you’re still this stupid . I’m surprised . ”

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Qiao Fei took out a bag of a drug powder and tossed it onto the floor .

“Did Qiao Nan give you this?”

“Yes . ” Amy nodded, not daring to lie .

“Do you know the effects of the drug?” Qiao Fei asked her .

Amy shook her head .

“Anyone taking it will have a minor stomachache which will turn into a sharp pain . In three months, the stomach will fester until holes appear in the intestines . ”

“No… Impossible…” Amy looked at Qiao Fei in astonishment .

“Fortunately, I’ve never taken that drug . You drank the coffee with the drug in it . ”

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Qiao Fei said the words airily, but Amy was dumbfounded .

“Impossible . How could it be?”

“Qiao Nan has always wanted to kill me and used you to do it… So don’t claim you did everything for my benefit . After all, you’ve been doing things to harm me . ”

“I… I didn’t… How could it be?”

Knowing the truth, Amy was stupefied, not able to process the fact that she had taken the poisonous coffee .

Lu Yan tossed a pistol onto the floor before Amy .

“I’ll give you one last chance . Shoot yourself and you’ll owe me nothing . ”

“Boss . Please don’t . I don’t want to die…”

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“But you’ve been poisoned for more than one month and will die soon when your intestines become eroded,” said Lu Yan quietly .

“There must be a way to save me . Boss, your father is a medical genius . Would you ask him to make an antidote for me, please?”

Amy crawled to Lu Yan’s feet and bumped her head onto the floor repeatedly, trying desperately to find a way to live .

“Amy, I don’t want to repeat myself again . Pick up the gun and kill yourself, and everything between us is over,” Lu Yan put down the red wine and said, looking down at the woman kneeling at her feet .

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