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Chapter 3481: 3481
Chapter 3481 Doctor Huo“s Female Bodyguard 1

“I knew it…” Qin Chu was exasperated .

He knew his wife was up to something when she started looking unusually adorable .

“Honey… Tomorrow is Han Xu’s wedding . ”


“So one member of our family needs to attend the wedding . You’re extremely busy and of course have no time to attend it . ”

“Go on…” Qin Chu watched calmly as his wife put on the monodrama .

“So I must attend our old classmates’ weddings as a representative of our family…”

“What’s your point?” Qin Chu crossed his arms before his chest and looked at her patiently .

“The point is… Can I not bring the bodyguards you assigned to me? I’m not an important official or celebrity . I, a pregnant woman, am now surrounded by a group of bodyguards . Our old classmates would think I’m pretentious . ”

“That’s impossible . Don’t even think of it . ”

Qin Chu rejected her request without hesitation .

“Don’t get worked up . Let me finish, okay?” Huo Mian begged .

“Honey, please stop . Maybe… I’ll sing another song for you?”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Hahahaha! You’re really good…” Huo Mian giggled uncontrollably .

It was the first time that Qin Chu offered to sing a song, which showed how reluctant he was to continue the topic .

“I’ve never agreed to let you go without bodyguards . Honey, we can negotiate other things, but there’s no room for negotiation in this matter . ”

“Honey, I didn’t say I’d go alone . Can I take only one bodyguard?”

“No . ”

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Qin Chu had put extra protection around Huo Mian and almost surrounded her with bodyguards each day .

Ever since Huo Siqian kidnapped Huo Mian, her relationship with the professor had become obvious .

The number of enemies trying to catch Huo Mian would increase each day .

Qin Chu knew the abilities of his subordinates; none of them could protect her alone .

Qin Chu wouldn’t subject himself to this stupid mistake and wouldn’t give in to his wife despite her badgering .

“Honey, let me finish . When I said I’d bring only one bodyguard, I meant I’d bring Yan . ” Huo Mian showed her trump card .

“You want to take Lu Yan with you?” Qin Chu was surprised .

“Yeah . What do you think? My female bodyguard is awesome, right? Haha . You know Yan’s abilities . She alone can protect me . ”

“Honey, have you forgotten how you were blocked in the wonton shop by Nalo?”

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“Um… It’s an accident . After all, it’s not like people like Nalo will appear every day . ”

Before he could reply, Huo Mian took Lu Yan’s hand .

“Tell him, Yan, that you can protect me . ”

“Um… Sis, leave me out of it…”

Lu Yan was still fearful when she remembered the incident that night and didn’t dare to go out with her sister .

“Honey… It’s a reunion of old classmates and I don’t want to go there with a group of bodyguards . They’d laugh at me . You know my personality; I never like to be in the spotlight . ”

“Brother-in-law, just say yes . Look how cute my sister is…”

Lu Yan felt her heart almost melt when she saw her sister begged like this .

“Honey, look, even your son agrees to it . ”

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Huo Mian placed Qin Chu’s hand on her belly and stuck out her tongue at him .

Not far from them, Su Yu’s eyes became unreadable when he saw the sight .

“Old pal, are you hurting?” Wei Liao walked over with a bottle of beer and asked with a smile .

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