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Chapter 3471: 3471

“If you know that Lu Yan contacts Professor Lu more often, why don’t you know anything about Lu Yan’s background . ”

Zeng Rou couldn’t respond .

“No one, not even a terrorist like Ian, has managed to catch her . Do you think we can?”

Zeng Rou: “But Huo Mian is just as smart . ”

“That’s why I keep saying that this is a difficult mission . The organization sent you after a lot of thought . You don’t have a very complicated background… or else we would have sent a spy instead . ”

“Okay, I understand, Chief . ”

“Mhm, stay away from Lu Yan for the time being . Moreover, I believe she has connections with the mob family in Russia . ”

“Yes sir . ”

After their brief conversion, Zeng Rou went home discreetly .

– South Hill Manor –

Qin Chu’s mother wanted to make a feast for the family . The rest of the family hung out in the living room – Lu Yan was playing an online game with the twins .

Huo Mian, on the other hand, was helping her mother-in-law in the kitchen .

“Mian, it’s okay . Go rest in the living room . ”

“It’s okay, Mom, I don’t want to do nothing . ”

“But look at your belly…”

“I’m really fine…”

“If you won’t listen to me, I’m going to ask Chu to come . ”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian finally had no choice but to leave the kitchen .

At this time, Qin Chu came home from work .

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“You helped out in the kitchen again?” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian, who still had an apron around her waist .

“Um, I wanted to help out, but Mom didn’t let me do anything,” Huo Mian immediately explained .

“You’ve had a lot of guts since you became pregnant . ”

“Honey, aren’t you supposed to pick Ning up?”

“She has Tang Chuan, who needs me?”

“Haha, I think he’s developed a disease called ‘constantly missing Ning’ . ”

Qin Chu put his arms around Huo Mian and the two of them walked into the kitchen . “Mom, you don’t have to make so much food, we’re leaving in a bit . ”

“I know, I’m just worried Ning would be hungry… you guys should at least have a quick bite, don’t leave on an empty stomach . ”

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Soon, Tang Chuan and Qin Ning arrived at South Hill Manor as well .

The twins immediately ran up to Qin Ning to greet her .

She had cut her hair even shorter; in Huo Mian’s eyes, Qin Ning was filled with youthful energy .

“Sis-in-Law, did you guys miss me?”

“Of course I did . ”

“Ha, what about you, Big Brother?” Qin Ning linked arms with Qin Chu and asked .

“I have no comment, but someone’s missed you to death . ” Qin Chu laughed as he eyed Tang Chuan, who replied with slight embarrassment, “Don’t make fun of me, Big Brother-in-Law . ”

“Wait, who is this?” Qin Ning asked curiously; she had never met Lu Yan before .

“This is my sister, Lu Yan . ” Huo Mian then turned to Lu Yan . “This is your brother-in-law’s cousin . ”

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“I know, her name is Qin Ning, right?” Lu Yan had done her share of the investigation into Qin Chu’s family .

“Mian, your sister is so pretty! Gosh, I’m hungry, can we eat? I heard Auntie Qin made me braised meatballs . ” Qin Ning took off her jacket and ran over to say hi to Qin Chu’s dad .

At this time, Tang Chuan shot Qin Chu a look, and the latter suddenly said . “Ning-Ning, you guys enjoy . I need to go out really quickly, can I borrow Tang Chuan? We need all the people we can . ”

“Wait, you guys aren’t eating?” Qin Ning asked with surprise .

“Mhm, I don’t have enough time . You guys go ahead and eat, don’t wait for us . ” Then, Qin Chu and Tang Chuan left in a rush .

“My big brother’s working too hard, he already has the money to raise a second child… Plus, why did he have to take my Tang Chuan with him?” Qin Ning mumbled .

Huo Mian smiled but didn’t say anything .

As soon as Tang Chuan and Qin Chu left the manor, the formed called Su Yu . “Yu, are you ready? We’ll be there soon . ”

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