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Chapter 3441: 3441
3441 Young Master Tang Proposing 21

“Right . Auntie, do you want to come out and make some PDA so you can rub it in the faces of the single dogs?” Little Bean replied to Lu Yan .

“I think I’m the single dog . ”

“Haha! No way . Auntie, you have a boyfriend, right?”

“But he’s not here, so I’m no different from a single dog . ”

“You can join Handsome Su, since he’s a single dog too . ”

“No kidding . He has a girl in his house—the one who cooked for us last time . ” Lu Yan couldn’t remember Zeng Rou’s name .

“Oh, that… She’s not his real girlfriend . You can spend Chinese Valentine’s Day with Handsome Su . ”

“Forget it . I’m afraid Su Yu might get shot for it . ”

After the incident of eating hotpot with An, Lu Yan realized that Qiao Fei was an extremely jealous guy .

So she wouldn’t dare to be close with any guy; she might get Su Yu in trouble if she spent time with him .

She entered her Moments again and saw her sister had also posted an update .

A few days ago, she and Qin Chu commissioned a photographer to take some pictures for the whole family, including Qin Chu’s parents and the twins .

Huo Mian posted a picture in which she was smiling as she looked down at Qin Chu who was kissing the small baby bump . Bathed in the bright sunshine in the afternoon, their love for each other was obvious .

Huo Mian only posted the picture and didn’t write any words .

Still, this PDA rubbed it in many people’s faces…

Lu Yan was also envious .

“Sis, I’ll blacklist you,” Lu Yan commented under the post .

“You have only three friends on WeChat and you still want to blacklist me? Do you think it’s a good deal for you?” Huo Mian replied .

“You… you… you… are bad…” Lu Yan felt helpless .

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“Auntie, we’ve got a big party tonight; do you want to join us?” Pudding replied to her under the post .

“Who organized it?”

“Uncle Tang… He and my aunt will fly back home tonight at six and go directly from the airport to Seductive Fox to have the party . ”

“Whoa . Then I’d die from the heavy dose of PDA . ” Lu Yan could imagine how embarrassed she would be among the couples .

“Just go and have fun with us . It’s better than staying home all by yourself . Dad and Mom will be there, too . ”

“Okay, okay . I’ll see . I’m a bit drowsy and want to take a nap . ”

In the evening, Su Yu and An drove to the airport but saw only Tang Chuan .

“Huh?” Where’s Qin Ning?”

“She didn’t come with me . ”

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“Really? You two broke up?” Wei Liao guessed .

“Fuck off, doomsayer . Ning-Ning and I are doing great . ” Tang Chuan gave Wei Liao a playful punch .

“Why did you come back alone? Didn’t you say we’d have a party tonight?”

“Yeah . My bachelor party . ” Tang Chuan smiled mysteriously .

“What do you mean?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“I’m going to propose to Ning . ”

“Fuck . You’re fast…” Su Yu was surprised .

“I’m not fast . We already live together now, and I don’t want her to get pregnant before the wedding… I decided to marry her as soon as possible . Even Old Wei’s son can flirt with Dr . Huo’s daughter now; I don’t want to wait . ”

“Shame on you . You promised me that we’d remain single together…” Su Yu complained .

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“I’m sorry, Bro . To make it up to you, I’ll find a dozen big-chested girls in Seductive Fox for you to enjoy . ”

“F*ck off . ” Su Yu rolled his eyes .

The three men bickered with each other on their way to the nightclub . Tang Chuan said in a mysterious way, “Bros, you must help me come up with an idea to give Ning a special marriage proposal . I want to move her to tears . ”

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