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Chapter 3428: 3428
Chapter 3428 Young Master Tang Proposing 8

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be there!” Zhu Lingling was first to respond .

The other classmates who were close to Han Xu also responded . However, Wei Dong, who was usually one of the more active people in their class group, didn’t say anything . Instead, he messaged Huo Mian just as she was turning off her WeChat .

“Mian, don’t go . Han Xu is an asshole . ”

“Haha . ” Huo Mian laughed .

“He’s obviously trying to get an expensive gift out of you; why else would he mention gold bars? How shameless . ”

“I know he’s doing this on purpose . ”

“Don’t go, I won’t either . So what if he’s marrying the daughter of a rich politician? Who gives a f*ck?” Wei Dong swore angrily .

“But I’m confused, I thought Han Xu was dating another woman for the last few years . She was from here as well, no?”

“Yeah, that woman got abortions for him again and again, and he cast her aside as soon as he found someone richer . ”

“Disgusting . ”

Huo Mian rarely spoke ill of others behind their backs, but Han Xu’s actions were unbearable .

After chit-chatting with Wei Dong, Huo Mian turned off her phone and walked upstairs . Ever since Qin Chu found out that she was pregnant, Mr . Qin had banned her from using her phone for too long… the reasoning had something to do with radiation .

Was he being too careful or what?

Lu Yan seemed to have come to her senses tonight and decided to sleep with the twins instead of her sister .

Qin Chu was extremely grateful that she finally left, and that he could sleep in the same bed as his wife again .

– Late that night –

The couple was chatting in bed .


“Yeah . ”

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“Today, in my office, did you purposely make Su Yu feel awkward?”

Qin Chu didn’t respond .

“Don’t be like that!” Huo Mian joked as she gently pinched Qin Chu’s cheek .

“It’s obvious that he bought those shoes for you . ”

“He was just being nice . ”

“Can’t I feel jealous?”

“I thought you don’t like to get jealous . ” Huo Mian laughed .

“He needs to control himself! My wife is the one that’s pregnant right now, why would he buy you shoes? I was reminding him out of the kindness of my heart . ”

“You’re right, you’re always right . ”

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In Huo Mian’s eyes, Qin Chu’s occasional stubbornness was extremely cute . After all, most of the time he was too calm and enduring .

They all say that the crying child gets candy .

Huo Mian was the only person who understood what Qin Chu had done for her over the last few years . That’s why she sympathized with him from the bottom of her heart .

Huo Mian wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck like a koala bear . “Honey, who do you think saved Huo Siqian?”

“Lu Yan and I have been looking into this . ” Qin Chu placed his hand on Huo Mian’s tummy, his expression filled with love .

“That’s weird, how is it even possible? I feel like he’s a tiger who was released into the wilderness,” Huo Mian muttered to herself .

“You’re right . It’s fine if it’s just Huo Siqian, but it would be really bad if Jack was the one who ran away . ”

“It’s not like we can do anything about it . Even someone as skilled as Yan couldn’t stop them, whoever they are must be good . ”

“Mhm, we only live in a small part of this world, there’s so much out there that we have no idea about . You know how special your father is, right?”

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“I do . Although I’m not completely sure what Dad’s been researching all these years, the bad guys all seem to want it . I’m sure Ian’s not the only one chasing after him . Why else would he and Yan be on the run for all these years?”

“So, what do you think he’s been researching?” Qin Chu lovingly stroked Huo Mian’s head . He loved how serious and beautiful she looked when she was deep in thought .

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