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Chapter 3429: 3429
Chapter 3429 Young Master Tang Proposing 9

“I can even begin to imagine what his research is about . Biological weapons?” Huo Mian laughed .

“Did you think you were watching a movie? What is this, Resident Evil? I really have no comment on your imagination,” Qin Chu laughed as well .

“Oh right, I almost forgot . Remember how I left our class group? Han Xu pulled me back in but I never really talked to them . Our classmates have changed so much, honestly, Gao Ran’s class is much better . ”

“So what do they want this time?”

“Han Xu said he’s getting married this weekend . ”

“He’s only getting married now?” Qin Chu didn’t really know much about Han Xu . Aside from Huo Mian, the only person he remembered from their class was Zhu Lingling .

“Yeah . ”

“Oh, then I should go . He obviously went through a lot to pull you back into the group chat . He wants red pocket money, no?”

“Mhm, but he said no money . He’ll only accept gold bars . ”

“Ha, are you kidding?” Qin Chu rarely judged people, but Han Xu had obviously gone too far .

“I heard it’s his father-in-law’s request . Lingling told me that he’s supposedly the vice director of the property tax bureau . ”

“If that’s all he is, he’s a little bold for requesting gifts like this . Isn’t he afraid he’ll get into trouble?”

“Maybe he’s confident he won’t . ” Huo Mian shrugged .

“If you want to go, you should . It’s not a big deal . ”

“Mhm, today he made it so that I couldn’t not go . What about you, Honey? Do you want to come with me?”

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“I don’t think it’s a good idea . Every time we attend some events together, something happens . Plus, the company is keeping me busy, but you shouldn’t go by yourself . ”

“I know, I’m going with Lingling . ”

“No, I meant that you should take some bodyguards . ” Qin Chu was constantly worried for Huo Mian’s safety .

“I know, but if Yan agrees to go with me, I’d rather not take any bodyguards . People may think I’m being pretentious, bringing personal security with me wherever I go . They might think I have issues . ”

“Celebrities all have personal bodyguards . ”

“But I’m not a celebrity . ” Huo Mian laughed .

“You are a big one to me . ” Qin Chu reached out and placed Huo Mian’s slightly-swollen hands onto his chest .

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“Come on, no one’s here . What are you PDing for?” Huo Mian felt a little embarrassed .

“I can’t help it, okay?” Qin Chu smiled gently as he embraced Huo Mian . He loved these peaceful and quiet days; his years without Huo Mian made every moment with her now filled with happiness .

“Honey, have you noticed that you’re sleeping better these days?”

“Actually I have . So, Dr . Huo, what medicine did you use on me?”

“Nothing much, I whipped something up on my own but it didn’t seem good enough, so I asked Yan to call Dad . My dad really is a medical genius, I’ve never even heard of the medicines he named . ”

“Professor Lu is very good at what he does . ”

“I’m just happy that you’re sleeping better,” Huo Mian said as he caressed Qin Chu’s handsome face with her hand .

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Over in the other room, the twins were ecstatic that their aunt was spending the night with them .

“Auntie, why didn’t you save me today when Mommy was scolding me?” Little Bean pouted .

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