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Chapter 3368: 3368
Chapter 3368 Take Out Panda, and I will be National Treasure 4

“Hi…” Lu Yan was caught off guard by her niece’s sudden move .

She was surprised that she’d meet Su Yu in this way .

“Ahem… Hi, I’m Su Yu . ”

“I’m Lu Yan . ”

Then they fell silent for one minute…

“Hey, why don’t you say something?” Little Bean broke the silence .

“Um… I need to go to the washroom . You guys go on with your chat . ” Lu Yan fled .

She truly had nothing to say to Su Yu, especially in front of the kids . It felt weird .

“Handsome Su, did you see my auntie clearly?”

“No . ” Su Yu was telling the truth since he had been too embarrassed to look at Lu Yan .

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“That’s easy . Sis, send one of Auntie’s photos to Handsome Su . ”

“Why?” Pudding looked bewildered .

“Show Handsome Su how beautiful our auntie is…” Little Bean said proudly .

Pudding dug out a photo from the album on her cellphone and sent one to Su Yu on WeChat .

Su Yu opened it and nodded . “Yeah . She’s a beauty . ”

“So… do you have anything to say about it?” Little Bean asked with a sly smile .

“Yeah . ” Su Yu nodded .

“Great . Tell us and I’ll see how my sister and I can help you . ” Little Bean was excited .

“I wanted to say that she’s very pretty and it would be a shame if she doesn’t enter show business . You guys can ask her if she’d like to sign a contract with my Imperial star . ”

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Pudding: “…”

Little Bean: “…”

“Is this what you wanted to say?” Little Bean was surprised .

“What did you think I’d say?” Su Yu looked innocent .

“Heck… I thought you liked our auntie…”

“Seriously? Do you think I’m so shallow that I’d like someone the moment I saw her?” Su Yu gave Little Bean a dirty look .

“You… are trying to matchmake for me, right? Again?” Su Yu finally understood what the little girl meant .

“No kidding . Handsome Su, you want to sign up our auntie? Do you know how rich she is? You’ll be scared if you see how extravagant she is… Even the whole Imperial Star isn’t enough to pay for her salary . ”

“Humph . Don’t boast… Are you serious?” Su Yu played along .

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“Of course . Do you know our auntie gave us 20 million as pocket money?”

“20 million? Japanese yen or Korean won?” Su Yu continued to tease her .

“Be serious . It’s yuan…” Seeing Su Yu’s smirk, Little Bean was exasperated .

“Okay . No kidding… But don’t get any ideas about us . Your mom said your auntie has a boyfriend, so I can’t have any designs on her . ”

“You investigated it, huh? It seems you had a secret agenda after all… Haha!”

Su Yu: “…”

“This is not the point now . The point is that I’m hungry and alone at home… Can you two come out and have a night snack with me?”

“Where’s Uncle An?” Pudding was curious .

“I sent him on a business trip…”

“It seems you’re indeed lonely . Fine . You can come and pick us up . ” Pudding didn’t want Su Yu to have supper by himself .

“So, what shall we eat?”

“Let’s go to Grandma Su’s home and eat over there . I miss her,” after some consideration, Pudding said earnestly .

Her proposal was accepted by Su Yu and Little Bean immediately . Half an hour later, Su Yu drove to South Hill Manor and left with the twins .

Meanwhile, Huo Mian received an important notice from the provincial government and got worried after reading it .

“Mr . Qin… Um… I need to ask your approval for something . ” Standing at the door of the study, Huo Mian looked like a meek little girl .

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