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Chapter 3367: 3367
Chapter 3367 Take Out Panda, and I will be National Treasure 3

“No… that’s definitely not what I meant . ”

Seeing her niece’s sad eyes, Lu Yan was helpless .

She truly wanted to make the promise, but her identity was too special for her to do that .

She hadn’t returned to her home for a long time and had spent all the time wandering around the world .

Lu Yan’s home was on a secret island in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean .

Equipped with advanced anti-spy devices, it couldn’t be detected by any reconnaissance aircraft or boats .

The island was heavily guarded, ready for war at any moment .

The island was safe, but she had too many enemies to return safely to her home with two kids .

Her dad even didn’t want her to stay in China for long with the twins .

If she took the kids out for vacation, her dad would probably scold her to death .

Even her sister wouldn’t agree to it, right?

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Lu Yan felt torn when Pudding asked her the question .

“Pudding, you’re very smart . I’ll give you a brief explanation and you’ll understand . ”

“Go ahead please . ” Pudding could see that her auntie had some secrets that she couldn’t say .

“You know I’m very rich, right?”

“Yes . ”

“Do you know where I got the money?”

“You earned it,” Pudding answered without hesitation .

Lu Yan: “…”

“No . I want you to consider how I earned the money?” Lu Yan asked .

Pudding was stuck . Indeed, she only knew her auntie was very, very rich but wasn’t clear about her job .

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It was beyond the comprehension of a three-year-old child .

“Like my dad, you must be doing big business with your own company or business group . ” Pudding thought her auntie must be a magnate since she could transfer 10 million yuan to her so casually .

“Ahem… You’re right to say that… I indeed do business, big business . But my business is very special and has made me many enemies in the past years . Those bad guys always try to catch me, so I have to be on the run… I haven’t returned to my home for a long time now . I’m afraid I can’t ensure your safety if I bring you and Little Bean to my home . ”

“Oh… I see, so that’s what’s troubling you . ” Pudding seemed to understand .

At this moment, Little Bean came back with several popsicles .

“Come on, let’s eat . Two for each of us . Mom was not in the room and didn’t see me take these popsicles . Hahahaha! How lucky am I?” Little Bean was happy that she could steal so many popsicles .

“Won’t you get a stomach ache after eating so much?” Lu Yan glanced at Little Bean in worry .

“Don’t worry . She’s fine no matter what she eats . ” Pudding glanced at Little Bean in disgust .

“You sound as if I’d eat anything except for dog poop . ” Little Bean was exasperated .

“Wouldn’t you?” Pudding asked wittily .

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“Qin Zhaozhao . I don’t want to argue with you with Auntie here . We’re happy, so don’t start a fight, okay?”

“Hahaha…” The sisters’ strange bickering made Lu Yan laugh out loud .

Leaning her head on Lu Yan’s shoulder, Little Bean ate the popsicle and played with her cellphone .

Then, she sent a video-chat invitation to Su Yu .

With An gone, Su Yu was alone at home .

He wanted to cook something but didn’t know how to . There was lots of food in the fridge, but he didn’t want to eat any of it .

Maybe he just didn’t want to eat alone .

Seeing Little Bean’s video chat, he said cheerfully, “Little Bean, I’ll take you out to eat, okay?”

“What’s up?” Little Bean was puzzled .

“I’ve not had supper yet . There’s no food at home . I’m starving,” Su Yu complained to the kid in the video .

“That’s easy . Come and eat in my home . ” Little Bean licked on the popsicle .

“It’s not a good idea . There’re lots of people in your home . Your… um… auntie is also in your home, right?” Su Yu said .

“Yeah . She’s here . ” Little Bean immediately turned the camera to Lu Yan and zoomed in on her face .

At this moment, there was nothing that could explain how awkward Su Yu was feeling .

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