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Chapter 3316: 3316
Chapter 3316 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 6

“Let’s see what you have to say first,” Lu Yan continued to chat with Huo Mian as she gulped down some water .

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“What I wanted to say is why don’t you settle down permanently here . ”

“Sis, you’re really greedy . ”

“Haha, you’re the one that told me to say it . ”

“Settling down here permanently is impossible because I’m afraid that this land will be bombed to its core if I stay here… I don’t want to negatively impact your lives . ”

“What are you talking about? How would you negatively impact our lives?”

“It’s not that, Sis . Calm down first . I just mean I’m not suited for staying in one place for too long… Going around the world is more of my style . ”

“Okay, okay, Ms . Lu Yan . When you retire, why don’t you write a book called ‘Playing Around the World’?” Huo Mian smiled .

“Good idea . I’ll think about it . ”

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It was rare for Lu Yan to quietly stay in one place .

She waited for Huo Mian to get off work at South Side . Then she and Huo Mian got on Qin Chu’s car to return to South Hill Manor .

Lu Yan ordered her subordinates to go party and even gave them each some money so they could enjoy themselves .

Lu Yan wanted to savor her sweet time with her family and didn’t want her subordinates to be around .

Before going home, Huo Mian told the driver to stop by a school .

The school was a renowned international school that charged exorbitant tuition of 500,000 yuan every year .

The students there were all from wealthy and powerful families . Their parents were successful business owners, politicians, or government officials .

No ordinary child, regardless of how smart they were, could get in .

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This world was very unfair, as many things depended on family resources…

People were born into different lives…

From ancient times, people were split into classes .

The twins didn’t like going to school but they spent most of their time doing nothing at home . In the end, they had to listen to their mother and go to school .

Although they had learned everything ahead of time, they went to school to kill time and treated it as their amusement park .

Once the chime rang, the twins were brought out by two teachers and two guards .

“Sis, I saw someone pass you a note at noon . What did it say? Is it a love letter?” Little Bean asked curiously .

“If it wasn’t a love letter, do you think he would be asking me for money?”

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“Haha, you love money . You’ll never lend it even if he asked . The better option would be writing you a love letter and dating you, then he could ask you for money as your boyfriend . This way, he wouldn’t even have to repay you . What a great script!”

“Shut up,” Pudding said speechlessly .

“My left eyelid kept twitching this morning . I wonder what’s happening?” Little Bean said .

“Someone’s probably going to treat you to Haagen-Dazs . ”

“Psh… You’re so condescending . Do you think one Haagen-Dazs can satisfy me? It at least needs to be two…” Little Bean said proudly .

“Look at you…” Pudding shook her head .

Then, Little Bean jumped and sang, “Left eye twitching means something good is going to happen . I’m probably getting promoted or getting rich . ”

“You’re so annoying . Stop singing or at least change the song…” Pudding couldn’t stand it .

“Okay, okay, I’ll switch it up . Ha… You’re my little apple and I love you no matter what…”

“Shut up… Why are you still singing that?” Pudding almost ran to pinch Little Bean’s face .

Just then, two women were standing by the school gates .

“Sis, who’s beside Mommy?” Little Bean saw from afar but couldn’t assert .

Pudding squinted her eyes and when she saw who it was, she was very excited .

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