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Published at 8th of July 2020 04:20:09 AM
Chapter 3317: 3317
Chapter 3317 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 7

“Uh… That looks like an auntie…” Pudding whispered .

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“I thought so too . Wow! It really is Auntie!” Little Bean said .

Before Pudding could respond, Little Bean had gone running over .

“Auntie! My beloved auntie!”

Pudding acted calm originally but when she saw how excited Little Bean was, she couldn’t help but run over too .

The twins had rushed over to hug Lu Yan .

“Auntie, it’s really you?” Little Bean tightly hugged Lu Yan .

“Yeah . Are you happy?” Lu Yan asked with a smile .

“Yeah, I’m happy . Super happy . This is a great surprise . Let me tell you, Auntie, my left eye had been twitching the whole day . I knew something good was going to happen . ”

“Haha… our Little Bean sure is prophetic,” Lu Yan went along with it .

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“Auntie…” Pudding stood on the side and greeted Lu Yan shyly .

“Oh, my Pudding . Come over and give Auntie a kiss . ”

Then Lu Yan picked Pudding up and kissed her on the cheek .

“Auntie, I want a kiss too!” Little Bean was shouting for love and it looked incredibly cute .

“Okay . I’ll give you a kiss too . ” Then Lu Yan kneeled down and hugged the twins .

The scene looked very heartfelt…

Huo Mian looked happily at this sight .

“Yan, what do you want to eat tonight? I just sent Chu a WeChat message and he asked you to pick a place . ”

“Hm… If that’s the case, let me think . President Qin is so rich that I must make him pay for a very expensive meal…”

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“Ah-hem… You’re richer than Qin Chu . Can you not be so greedy…” Huo Mian laughed .

“The money I have is mine but we’re spending his, no? I want to eat…”

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After a long time of thinking, Lu Yan finally spoke her mind . Her response shocked everyone .

“Sis, I want to eat Ah-Xin’s Ramen . ”Read latest chapters at L istnovel . com

Huo Mian: “…”

Pudding: “…”

Little Bean: “…”

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“Auntie, are you joking?” Little Bean couldn’t believe what she heard .

“Nope . I mean it . ”

“Why go eat ramen? It’s only two yuan per bowl . You know that right?” Little Bean still couldn’t believe it .

“You guys don’t understand . I’ve been all across the world and have eaten all sorts of things . From birds to beasts… When I was in Africa, I even ate crocodiles, so to me, I don’t have anything I really want to try . What you guys have here is fresh seafood, which is probably the most expensive but when I was on the island, I’ve eaten too much of that . I’m sick of lobsters, abalone, crabs, and those sorts of things . Now when I see them, I’d want to throw up . That’s why I want to eat something ordinary and I can only eat Ah’Xin Ramen here . ”

“But you don’t need to eat ramen . We have lots of spicy hotpots and barbecue… There’s Mongolian style roasted lamb legs…” Little Bean was a professional in food and thus she was able to sell different types of cuisines to Lu Yan .

“We’re not in a hurry . We can eat those too . Today’s my first day here . I was on the plane for too long so I don’t really feel like eating . I want to eat something mild . ”

“Uh… if that’s the case, ramen’s a good choice . ” Pudding nodded .

“Moreover, I heard Ah’Xin Ramen’s the place where someone and someone got engaged… I’m curious… Hahaha…” Lu Yan laughed .

Huo Mian: “…”

“Sis, ask your husband if he’s paying or not . ”

“We’re paying for sure . Even if you’re eating 100 bowls, we’ll pay,” Huo Mian said joyously .

“Mommy, even 100 bowls is just 200 yuan . If you use 200 yuan to stuff Auntie to death, then we won’t have an auntie anymore…”

Everyone laughed .

Lu Yan held onto the twins as they walked to the car . Huo Mian sent Qin Chu a WeChat message telling him to meet them at Ah’Xin Ramen .

As soon as they got on the car, Lu Yan asked curiously, “Little Bean, who is Gao Boyuan?”

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