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Chapter 3306: 3306
Chapter 3306 Big Demon King Lu Yan 6

“Maybe she knows; maybe… she doesn’t . I don’t know . ” Su Yu took a big swig of beer, looking depressed .

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“You know your love for her is fruitless but are still obsessed with her; do you think it’s wise?”

“Do you think I can control it?” Su Yu smiled bitterly .

“Okay…” Finally, Zeng Rou didn’t know how to comfort Su Yu, but she knew it wasn’t easy for him .

On the next day, the media put on a large coverage of Nie Lingxuan’s temporary retirement from the entertainment circle to go study in a university in the U . S .

They got the news from her Weibo update posted at 4 AM this morning . She said she felt restless lately and wanted to go abroad to study for one year; she wanted to find peace in the school and wouldn’t take any movie or television roles or any commercials this year . At the end of her post, she emphasized that she hadn’t ended her contract with Imperial Star and would remain in the company . She asked the media not to make any speculations .

At 8 AM, the public relations department of Imperial Star issued a news release after consulting with Su Yu to explain the issue about Nie Lingxuan’s going abroad to study .

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At the same time, comments flooded Su Yu and Nie Lingxuan’s Weibo pages as their fans went into a verbal fight .

Most of Nie Lingxuan’s fans expressed their concern for her .

“Xuanxuan, why are you leaving without a warning?”

“Baby Xuan, did someone bully you? Tell us . Does your company have another scheming bitch?”

“Pretty girl, no matter what you decide to do, we’ll always support you and love you . We’ll wait for your return . ”

“My dear, you almost burned out after shooting so many movies lately . Give yourself a break . We’ll be here waiting for you . ”

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“I wonder if your decision has something to do with Su Yu . Did you two break up? Is it because of the live stream host who had recently moved into his house? That shameless mistress! We’ll diss her for you . ”

“Xuan, why do you want to go? We’re reluctant to see you go… Please don’t leave . Even if you don’t want to play in movies, we’ll be happy to see you shoot commercials . ”

The comments on Su Yu’s Weibo page were mostly gossips and speculations .

“President Su, you know the real reason for the temporary retirement of the list star Nie Lingxuan, right?”

“Su Yu, did you shelve Nie? Her acting skills are quite good, much better than the other actresses, such as Cotton Candy; you’d better give her more roles . ”

“Scumbag, you even hooked up with that livestream host while going out with our Xuanxuan . That woman even moved into your house . Heaven will punish you . Go to hell, shameless scumbags . ”

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“Baby Xuan is so sad; you must have broken her heart… If you lose our Baby Xuan, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life . ”

“President Su, are you doing it to promote new performers? When will you audition new performers? I want to register for the audition . Haha!”

“Mr . Su, ignore the bullshit of the anti-fans . It has nothing to do with you and you can’t take the blame for Nie’s departure . You’re only her boss . The trolls are just imagining things . Damn it . ”

As their fans engaged in a verbal fight, Nie Lingxuan had to add another post saying: “My decision to study abroad has nothing to do with anyone . It’s my personal decision, so please don’t make it into a big deal . It’s not as complicated as you think . The company has shown me great support and understanding in my decision . I want to thank Imperial Star and President Su . I’ll always be with you . ”

After this post, the situation settled down a bit…

Huo Mian saw the news after she got up in the morning . She wanted to ask Su Yu about it but didn’t want to appear nosy .

After some consideration, she called Xixi .

“Sister Mian . ”

“Xixi, what on earth has happened to your sister?” Huo Mian asked .

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