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Chapter 3305: 3305
Chapter 3305 Big Demon King Lu Yan 5

“Xuan, can you understand me now?”

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“I understand…” Nie Lingxuan was still crying .

“Please don’t cry . I can’t bear to see a woman cry…” Su Yu was helpless . He wanted to wipe her tears with a tissue but thought it might cause a misunderstanding .

Since he didn’t want to be with her, he’d better not give her hope .

“I don’t have any hope at all? Dr . Huo has her own family and children… She has her beloved husband . So, you can never be with her . But you can’t remain single all your life, right? Can you give me a chance?” Nie Lingxuan discarded her pride and begged .

“I’m sorry, Xuan . I don’t have the courage to try it . I’m afraid I will hurt you . ”

“I’m not afraid of being hurt,” Nie Lingxuan said stubbornly .

“But I’m afraid of hurting myself…”

“What about Miss Zeng? You can accept her as a cooperation partner but can’t accept me…” Nie Lingxuan asked with unusual boldness .

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“It’s because we don’t feel anything for each other . Zeng Rou has someone she likes, and I have mine . We are pretending to be a couple for the sake of our families, but it won’t impact our personal lives and we won’t hurt each other . ”

“Then… will you two marry?” Nie Lingxuan asked in tears .

“This… I don’t know . I can only say that I have no intention to marry for the time being,” Su Yu said honestly .

“Okay . I understand… Anyway, thank you, President Su . ”

Nie Lingxuan turned and ran out .

“Hey! Wait! Don’t run so fast . I’ll have someone drive you home…”

“No . I can manage . ” Nie Lingxuan covered her mouth and ran out in tears .

Su Yu opened the door and looked at An . “Follow her . She’s emotional and I’m afraid she might get into an accident . ”

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“Okay . ” An followed his boss’s instruction and ran after Nie Lingxuan .

Su Yu dropped onto the sofa with a heavy sigh .

“Here…” Zeng Rou took out a can of iced beer and handed it to Su Yu .

“Good . You know I want to drink beer…” Su Yu glanced at Zeng Rou sulkily .

“I see you are feeling bad after rejecting the girl…”

“Yeah . She’s a good girl . People in the company and our circle all like her . ”

“Then why did you reject her?”

“Do I have to like her just because she’s a good girl? Do you think I have universal love? I’m not a central AC,” said Su Yu sulkily .

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“I think you’re worse than a central AC . You didn’t even give her a little bit of warmth,” Zeng Rou joked .

“Woman, you just want to mock me?”

“It’s not mocking . I truly think the girl is good…”

“You’re not jealous?” Su Yu asked her slyly .

“Don’t be ridiculous . I don’t like you; why should I be jealous?” Zeng Rou gave him a dirty look .

“I hope so . Zeng Rou, never ever fall in love with me… I’m serious . I don’t want to hurt anyone…” Su Yu said in a low voice .

“Su Yu, if this time Huo Mian didn’t return and had died, what would you do?” Zeng Rou asked seriously .

“I never thought of it . In my heart, she’ll never die; never…” Su Yu said firmly .

“Does Huo Mian know you love her so much?” Zeng Rou had been sympathetic towards Nie Lingxuan, but now she pitied Su Yu even more .

If you have the bone-deep love for someone but that person doesn’t even know how crazy you feel about her or him, isn’t it sad?

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