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Chapter 3302: 3302
Chapter 3302 Big Demon King Lu Yan 2

“Little Nie, I was just caught off guard…” Su Yu was truly not prepared for this .

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He had been eating fried rice with eggs and drinking Coke, and then such a stunning thing struck him in the middle of the night .

“It’s fine . Take your time . Tell me your decision when you are done thinking…” Nie Lingxuan turned to go .

“Your dress is soaked… Come in and change it . ”

Su Yu opened the door and was exasperated when he saw An and Zeng Rou were eavesdropping in the house .

“You… Take her in and give her some clothes to change into . ” Su Yu pointed at Zeng Rou .

“Okay . ” Zeng Rou nodded and led Nie Lingxuan to her room .

Su Yu and An stood in the living room, feeling a bit awkward .

“Boss, someone… just hit on you…” An said .

“How long did you eavesdrop on us?” Su Yu glared at An .

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“I didn’t . The house is not big, and your voices were not too small…”

“When I got up this morning, my left eyelids kept jumping . I knew it wasn’t a good sign…”

“Left eyelid jumping means fortune; right eyelid jumping means disaster… And it’s not a disaster but a declaration of love for you…”

“If you want her, I’ll give her to you,” Su Yu asked .

“Ha! Don’t… She’s too good for me . ”

“Didn’t you break up with your previous girlfriend? Maybe I can recommend you to Little Nie?”

“Please don’t . Boss, I’m not good enough for her . I thought my ex-girlfriend was a good person, but she turned out to be a gold digger . Let’s not talk about her,” An sighed deeply .

An had met a girl who was a senior student in the city’s Media College .

She said she made money by streaming, and she wasn’t very pretty but very gentle .

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One day when she was doing an outdoor livestream, a gangster riding on a motorcycle snatched her cellphone .

An was on his way to do an errand and helped her beat off the gangster . Then the girl wanted to treat him with a meal to thank him .

He was in a hurry and didn’t have a meal with her .

The girl insisted on having his WeChat contact and then they had some good chats on WeChat .

They even dated twice . But later An investigated the girl’s background and discovered the painful truth about her .

The girl seemed to be a mistress of an older guy in the city .

Her luxurious stuff, such as the new iPhone and designer handbags, were all gifts from the old guy .

In their later chats, the girl would mention with seeming casualty that she wanted some stuff; it seemed she thought An was a second-generation rich guy .

After all, An had driven Su Yu’s Lamborghini that day .

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Seeing through her purpose, An decided to break up with her .

He told her that he was just a chauffeur, not a second-generation rich guy, and that the car wasn’t his and he was just an employee .

From then on, the girl had never contacted him but didn’t delete his contact either .

An had felt bad because of it for a long while, but he got over it eventually .

Hearing Su Yu mention this incident, he didn’t know he should cry or laugh .

“President Su, you can’t take it out on me after you got shocked by the confession of love . Do you think it’s fair to me?”

Su Yu felt pained…

In her room, Zeng Rou took out a comfortable and pretty pale pink casual dress for Nie Lingxuan .

“Thank you, Miss Zeng . ”

“Beauty, I admire no one but you… Haha! You truly stunned Su Yu…” Zeng Rou gave her a thumbs-up .

“Miss Zeng . I’m sorry . Now, I’m kind of your rival in love, right?” Nie Lingxuan said uneasily .

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