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Chapter 3303: 3303
Chapter 3303 Big Demon King Lu Yan 3

“No, no, no! You’re not . Su Yu and I… are just helping each other,” Zeng Rou said frankly .

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“I knew it,” Nie Lingxuan said calmly .

“You knew it?” Su Yu was surprised .

“Yeah . I heard about the truth of your relationship before I came, which was why I mustered my courage and came to tell him my feelings…”

“Okay . You win . It seems you’re well prepared . ”

“It’s just a one-time thing . No matter what the result is, I won’t do it again…”

After expressing her love, Nie Lingxuan felt light-hearted as if the heavy burden in her heart had been lifted .

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“You… are very brave . Truly, as a woman, I admire you for it . I’m not being sarcastic . ” Zeng Rou truly admired this woman .

As an list movie star, she still took the risk to declare her love like a high school student .

No other woman in the entertainment circle would do it; after all, they had to think about their future career .

“It’s fine . I got my wish after saying these long-suppressed words . ”

“Then did you think about the consequences? If Su Yu accepts you, it would be great, but what if he refused you? Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed? You’d feel awkward when you see him in the future,” Zeng Rou asked a question that had bothered Nie Lingxuan for a long time .

“I was afraid of the consequences but not now . I realized that compared with having no chance to express my feelings, feeling awkward is a minor thing . One of my fans sent me a PM on Weibo yesterday saying that her hometown in a remote mountainous area had a landslide in the middle of the night and the whole village vanished as if it had never existed . Over 200 villagers died, including my fan’s parents and younger brother; she escaped it since she was studying in a college . She lost all her family in one night . She said she didn’t know the meaning of life now . I was deeply touched by it . Accidents might strike us suddenly and kill us in only a few seconds . I was afraid if I didn’t say those words, I’d never get a chance to say them if I got into an accident in a movie shooting . Su Yu would never know that a woman had loved him so deeply . ”

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Hearing her melancholic words, Zeng Rou was deeply touched .

“You’re right about the unpredictability of life . While you’re still alive, you must be brave and do whatever you want . It’s just a declaration of love; the worst result you get is just a rejection,” Zeng Rou said with a smile .

“Yeah . Nothing is significant before death . So, I was prepared to face any result before I came . ” Nie Lingxuan smiled elegantly .

“Then… I wish you good luck…” Zeng Rou extended her hand .

“Thank you, Miss Zeng . ”

Nie Lingxue was grateful to Zeng Rou for not mocking her or accusing her of luring Su Yu shamelessly .

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She’d feel bad if Zeng Rou did that .

Changing into clean clothes, Nie Lingxuan went downstairs with Zeng Rou .

“Ahem… Um… An, let’s go out and see the stars . ” Zeng Rou felt that she should give them some privacy .

An gave Zeng Rou a you-are-truly-generous glance and walked out with her .

Su Yu was too embarrassed to look at Nie Lingxue

“The moon tonight… is very round,” Su Yu tried to find something to say .

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