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Published at 30th of June 2020 03:55:05 AM
Chapter 3285: 3285
Chapter 3285 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 5

“You can’t resist this one already? My sister hasn’t done anything yet,” Little Bean said in disdain .

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Tang Chuan looked at Pudding . “Pudding, Uncle Tang is good to you, right…?”

“I know,” Pudding said calmly .

“So, you won’t be mean to me like your ungrateful sister, right?”

“Right . ” Pudding nodded .

“You’re my good niece…”

“Since I’m so loyal to you while everyone is adding insult to your injury, what reward do you intend to give me?” Pudding asked .

“Um…” Tang Chuan suddenly had a bad feeling .

“Uncle Tang, can you give me that limited edition tea set?”

“Which tea set?” Tang Chuan played dumb .

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“The set you brought back from C Country . I wouldn’t ask for it if it was too expensive . ”

“That one isn’t too expensive, but very hard to acquire even if you have money…” Tang Chuan said sulkily .

“Even though I’m loyal to you, you still don’t want to give it to me, Uncle Tang?” Pudding asked slyly .


“I can pay you for it…”

“No . Let’s not talk about money…”

“Then you’ll give it to me? Thank you, Uncle Tang,” said Pudding pleasantly .

“Okay! Kiddo, you win . Even though you didn’t mock me, you blackmailed a tea set from me… I’d rather you mocked me… Ning, come back as soon as you can, or I’ll die in their hands…” Tang Chuan begged Qin Ning, who had been watching them from the video call .

“Good boy, I’ll go back soon… But you look like a miser, showing such reluctance when Pudding asked for the tea set,” scolded Qin Ning .

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“Fu*k! Am I a miser? You hurt me… I only said that thing was hard to acquire; it’s not a problem of money . ”

“You always say we’re a family . Were you lying to me?” Qin Ning asked .

“Of course not . I gave it to her because I love you…” Tang Chuan almost wept .

The meal was full of laughter as Tang Chuan, who liked to have public displays of affection, became the target of mocking and jokes .

They got sweet revenge for Mr . Su, the permanent bachelor .

Pudding even got a tea set from him during the process .

Soon, Zhixin’s engagement banquet ended in laughter; the event was low-keyed without a reporter showing up .

During the banquet, two people remained quiet and didn’t sit with their friends .

They were Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying .

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They sat at different tables and only greeted each other briefly .

As the banquet ended, Wei Ying walked toward the door . Realizing she had come in her friend’s car, Shen Mingxi walked up and asked, “You didn’t drive?”

“No . I hurt my foot…” Wei Ying smiled .

“What happened?” Shen Mingxi immediately looked down at her feet .

“I sprained it when I was playing badminton the day before yesterday . It hurts a lot, so I didn’t drive, just to be safe . ”

“You should have been more careful,” Shen Mingxi looked solemn and scolded her .

“I… didn’t notice it first . I didn’t know it would be so painful . ”

“Did you go to the hospital for it?”

“I did . I took some medicine and applied a hot pack on it . I think it’ll be fine if I rest for a while . ”

“My mom often goes to an old doctor of Chinese medicine and I heard he’s very good at massaging . I’ll ask her about his information, and you can go and see him . You shouldn’t think it’s a small thing and neglect it…”

“I know . Thank you, Big Brother Mingxi . ”

“I’ll drive you back home . It’s not easy for you to get in and out of a car; I happened to drive the Benz today…” He pointed at his car; after all, a Benz was more comfortable than other cars .

Before Wei Ying could reply, someone yelled from behind them, “Ying . ”

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