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Chapter 3284: 3284
Chapter 3284 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 4

“Since Mr . Tang insists, I must do as he asks…” Then Ni Yang glanced at Chen Jie lovingly and said, “During all the time that I have been with Jie, we’ve never argued or fought with each other; I truly think I found my soul mate . ”

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“Whoa! This love show is excellent… I’m envious . ” Gao Ran looked envious .

“What do you mean? Are you complaining that I always fight with you?” Zhu Lingling immediately grabbed his ear .

“Hey! No! No! Honey, don’t get worked up . Don’t let the devil of impulsiveness get you…” Gao Ran hurried to comfort his wife .

“Big Brother Rick, do you dare to have a public show of affection?” Tang Chuan looked at Rick and issued the challenge jokingly .

Everyone knew that Rick was a low-keyed person and seldom posted things on his Moments .

Xixi leaned on Rick’s chest and cooed, “My Rick calls me Xixi Baby in private . ”

“Whoa! That’s so sweet…” Zhu Lingling hooted .

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“Is it true?” Huo Mian looked at Rick with a faint smile .

Rick’s face turned red instantly .

“I think it’s true…” Wei Liao guessed .

“Bro, do it now, so we can hear it . ” Qin Chu joined the fun, which was rare for him .

Rick: “…”

“Dear, just once . Your baby will hear it and will love you for it,” Xixi touched her round belly and asked .

Sure enough, Rick coulddn’t bear to refuse her for the sake of the baby . Finally, he said in a low voice, “Xixi Baby, don’t mess with me . We’ll say these things when we’re home . ”

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The moment Rick said it, all the people cheered .

Finally, they turned their eyes to Su Yu . “Mr . Su, it’s the first time that you brought a girl to meet us . Come on and show something good to us . ”

“Haha! How about a three-minute French kiss?” Tang Chuan kicked up a fuss .

“Three minutes? Okay… Come here and I’ll kiss you . ” Su Yu beckoned at him .

“Haha! Not me . Kiss your girlfriend…” Tang Chuan corrected him .

“Fu*k off! We have children with us . Don’t mess with me . ” Su Yu declined shyly .

“It’s okay . Uncle Su, we can close our eyes . ” Wei Yunchu put in and cut off Su Yu’s way of retreat .

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“Kiddo, whose side are you on?” Su Yu glanced at Wei Liao’s son, not knowing if he should cry or laugh .

The twins were silent because they didn’t like the woman Zeng Rou .

Before Su Yu could say something, Zeng Rou panicked .

“Um… I remember I asked for a bowl of noodles . I’ll go to the kitchen and see what’s taking them so long . Um… you guys continue with your chat . ”

Then, she ran off under everyone’s gazes .

“Whoa… We scared off your girlfriend . She seems to be a shy girl…” Tang Chuan spread out his hands and chuckled .

“You think everyone is as brazen as you are…” Su Yu laughed .

“Are you done with torturing me? I’m not dead, which means I’m very strong,” Tang Chuan said smugly .

At this moment, Little Bean picked up the sago with coconut milk and walked to Gao Boyuan .

“Boyuan, try this . It’s super delicious . ” Little Bean’s voice was syrupy sweet .

“My goodness… This attack is deadly… Little Bean, you’re vicious… After treating your uncle this way, aren’t you afraid you’d get rotten teeth from all the ice cream I bought for you?” Tang Chuan put his palm on his chest and looked at Little Bean with exaggerated hurt on his face, making everyone laugh .

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