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Chapter 3278: 3278
Chapter 3278 Couples Displaying Affection Together 8

“It’s late . Why didn’t you go to bed?” Zeng Rou tried to find something to say .

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“I was waiting for the little white mouse to come down and steal food . ”

“Humph! If you didn’t eat my dumplings, would I have to find food in the middle of the night?”

“If I knew your dumplings were so horrible, I’d rather have eaten instant noodles,” said Su Yu .

“Hey! You still mock me after eating my dumplings?” Zeng Rou looked at him, feeling exasperated .

“What can you do? Bite me?”

“I’ll pass on that since I’m afraid of catching rabies… I don’t want to bicker with you; I’m hungry . ” Zeng Rou walked toward the fridge .

“The fridge is empty . ”

“Damn it . Did you empty it?” Zeng Rou turned to look at Su Yu .

“I have bread here and I think it hasn’t gone moldy yet . You’d better check the expiry date before you eat . ” Su Yu stood up and pushed the bread into her hand .

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Before she could react, he continued, “Tomorrow, you will go with me to attend Mian’s younger brother’s engagement banquet . ”

“Huh?” Zeng Rou was a bit stunned .

Without repeating his words, Su Yu turned to go upstairs . Zeng Rou finally understood what he said when he almost got to the second floor .

She asked in elation, “I can go with you to public events now? Whoa! I’ll meet your good friends . Su Yu, are you in love with me?”

Obviously, she said it as a joke .

However, Su Yu stood on the landing of the second floor and slanted a glance at her before saying coolly, “If I show up with a girlfriend, I think Mian will be happy . I don’t want to make things difficult for her . ”

Then, he continued to walk to the third floor and toward his bedroom .

“Fu*k . That hurts,” Zeng Rou stood where she was and murmured to herself .

She had done her homework before she came and knew Su Yu was a single-minded man who had loved that woman for a long time . His love for her had never faltered .

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Before she came, Aunt Su had warned Zeng Rou that her nephew had a quick temper and would say words to hurt her or even kick her out .

Zeng Rou had came prepared; she was ready to shamelessly stay in his house even though he didn’t welcome her .

But she was caught off guard by his words tonight .

She had thought it was his recognition of her by taking her out to meet his friends .

But he had told her clearly that he did it for Huo Mian because Huo Mian would feel better if he had a girlfriend .

These words hurt Zeng Rou; even if she hadn’t fallen in love with him yet, she still felt sad .

Calming herself down, she looked at the bread in her hand .

She checked the expiry date and found it was new; obviously Su Yu had gone out and bought it for her tonight .

But he tried to scare her by saying that it might be moldy .

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His bark was worse than his bite .

Zeng Rou felt hopeful again .

“Su Yu… You’re a strange man… But I’ll continue my battle of winning your heart . ” With a smile, Zeng Rou opened the bag and took a big bite of the bread .

On the next morning, Su Yu walked down and didn’t see any breakfast .

“What’s up today? We don’t have breakfast?” he asked .

“Miss Zeng is getting herself ready in her room . She said we don’t have breakfast; we’ll starve and save our stomachs for Zhixin’s banquet . ”

“Holy f*ck…” Su Yu cursed .

As a god-like rich guy, did he need to save a meal in his home and eat his fill at an engagement banquet?

If people knew about this, they’d laugh at him .

At this moment, Zeng Rou walked down .

Su Yu had thought the woman would be all dressed up like those actresses in his company .

But when he saw her, he was stunned .

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