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Chapter 3277: 3277
Chapter 3277 Couples Displaying Affection Together 7

Sighing lightly, Su Yu said to An, “When two people are together, the earlier they expose their shortcomings, the better, so the party who can’t bear the other’s shortcomings can retreat without hurting the other too badly . Unfortunately, most people don’t understand this point; they try hard to hide their shortcomings and show only the good side when they go out; when the shortcomings are exposed after the wedding, they usually end in tragedy . Many women like to complain that their husbands are not as good to them as before, but the truth is that the men only show their true colors after they are married . ”

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“President Su, as a guy who’s not been in a relationship, you have a deep understanding of it . ” An was stunned .

“Shut up . The fact that I’ve not been in a relationship doesn’t mean that I’m blind . ” Su Yu gave him a dirty look .

“You mean you’re exposing your shortcomings to Miss Zeng?”

“I do have shortcomings . No one is perfect, even Qin Chu . So, I’m not afraid of exposing my shortcomings . I’ll show my true colors to Zeng Rou so she’ll know what she’s dealing with and retreat from the challenge . Otherwise, she’d end up with nothing after wasting lots of time here . ”

Su Yu had felt repulsed by Zeng Rou and couldn’t bear her; now he got a bit used to her ways but still didn’t like her .

“What if Miss Zeng saw your true colors but still refuses to leave?”

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“I can’t say . Who knows what will happen?” Su Yu said vaguely and began eating the dumplings .

An was surprised and wondered if his boss meant that he’d accept Zeng Rou if she persisted .

Then, he remembered that his boss was clearly doing this to force Zeng Rou to leave .

“President Su, if it was Miss Huo who made the dumplings, would you do the same to her?” An asked cautiously .

At the mention of Huo Mian, Su Yu’s eyes always looked gentle .

“Of course not . If Mian was here, I’d save all the dumplings for her and we’d watch her eat,” Su Yu answered without hesitation .

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“Um… They are both women but are treated so differently,” An lamented in a low voice .

“That’s because one of them is the woman I love, and the other is a woman I don’t like . It’s as simple as that,” Su Yu was in a good mood today, so he explained to An .

“Okay . It seems the woman you love is a happy woman and the woman who loves you is being tortured,” complained An .

Su Yu didn’t answer him .

At midnight, Zeng Rou was hungry and went downstairs to get something to eat .

Although Su Yu ate her dumplings today, she felt quite happy .

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After all, dumplings were a small sacrifice if they could make Su Yu have some good opinion about her .

She suddenly felt ashamed of herself . She had hated those scheming bitches and never wanted to become one of them, but now she was playing tricks, too . She had to starve herself to gain Su Yu’s good opinion for her . How pathetic she was!

Sighing lightly, she walked into the living room and was about to switch on the lights .

“Hungry?” A man was sitting on the sofa in the dark .

Zeng Rou was startled .

“Are you a man or a ghost?” She asked .

“Nonsense . Can any ghost be as handsome as me?” Su Yu pressed a button on the remote control and turned on the lights .

As the warm lights fell on him, Su Yu looked more approachable than usual dressed in casual clothes .

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