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Chapter 3274: 3274
Chapter 3274 Couples Displaying Affection Together 4

Huo Mian: “…”

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“Mom, have you forgotten her? I mean the woman who stays in Handsome Su’s house,” Little Bean said with emphasis .

“I know . She’s Zeng Rou . ”

“She’s disgusting . My sister and I dislike her,” Little Bean said .

“Why?” Huo Mian was nonplussed .

“Because she’s a scheming bitch . She came from out of the city and badgers Handsome Su . She posted lots of disgusting stuff on the internet and even did a livestream in Handsome Su’s house, hyping herself on Weibo… It’s really disgusting . She’s a scumbag who wants to climb up by stepping on men . ”

“Little Bean, you don’t know her yet, so you can’t judge her,” Huo Mian explained patiently .

“I don’t want to know her . I just know she doesn’t deserve Handsome Su, just like Bitch Jian . ”

Huo Mian chuckled in exasperation . “Then who do you think deserves your Handsome Su?”

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Little Bean thought for a while and then looked at her elder sister . “Sis, tell us what kind of woman deserves our Handsome Su? I’m a bit unprepared for mom’s question . ”

Pudding looked up slowly; she glanced at Little Bean and then at their mom before saying, “I think only a woman as good as Mom deserves Handsome Su . ”

Before Huo Mian could speak, she continued, “But Mom’s taken . Besides, our dad seems even more excellent than Handsome Su . ”

“If your dad heard that, he’d be pleased with himself . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“So, I think only my sister and I deserve Handsome Su,” said Pudding .

“Pu…” Huo Mian almost spewed out blood .

“Mom, don’t listen to her bullshit . She’s trying to scare you . ” Little Bean hurried to comfort her mom .

“Mom, in fact, I have a selfish idea . ” Pudding looked serious .

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“What idea?”

“I think Handsome Su can remain single for the rest of his life . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“I’m serious . I think with his personality, he won’t be able to love someone else . It will be better for him to remain single . ”

“He can’t do that . Su Yu is the only heir to your Great-Grandpa Su, Grandpa Su, and Grandma Su . Do you want the line of the Su Family to end with him?” Huo Mian objected firmly .

“Mom, your thought is outdated . Now we can have test-tube babies,” said Pudding .

“Yeah . Mom, we can ask Handsome Su to have seven test-tube babies, making them into a team, just like the Gourd Brothers on the TV . ” Little Bean laughed .

Huo Mian: “…”

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“Okay . That’s the end of the topic . ” Huo Mian felt she had a big generation gap with her daughters; she’d go crazy if the conversation continued .

“Mom, if you don’t help us, we’ll deal with Zeng Rou ourselves,” Little Bean said .

“Don’t make trouble for me,” Huo Mian scolded .

She knew her two daughters’ personalities; they were full of hostility towards women around Su Yu .

Huo Mian didn’t know what kind of woman Zeng Rou was or her purpose for Su Yu .

But she really didn’t want Su Yu to remain single for the rest of his life .

If he couldn’t find someone he loved, he could at least marry a woman who would love him and be gentle to him for the rest of his life .

Huo Mian was selfish in love and could only love Qin Chu .

But as a friend, she truly hoped someone would take care of Su Yu and stay by his side to keep him company for the rest of his life .

Returning home, the kids began running around the living room happily .

Huo Mian went upstairs and took a shower . As she laid in bed to take a rest, she opened the Moments on WeChat and found everyone was watching Tang Chuan .

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