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Chapter 3273: 3273
Chapter 3273 Couples Displaying Affection Together 3

“I’m not troubled . I know you well after being your friend for so long . ”

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Su Yu lowered his head in embarrassment, knowing his stubbornness made it difficult for Huo Mian .

“Su Yu, don’t feel bad . I’m not scolding you . I just feel that you don’t have to shower gifts on Zhixin . After all, he has everything, and I don’t want him to become a vain man who likes to show off his wealth . After all, unlike you and Tang Chuan, he and I come from an ordinary family . ”

“I know . ” Su Yu nodded .

“Besides, only you give gifts while others don’t . Don’t you feel silly?” Huo Mian looked at him teasingly .

“I have money; I don’t care to be silly,” Su Yu joked .

“A typical rich moron . ”

As they bickered, they no longer felt awkward .

“How are you feeling now?” Su Yu looked at her and asked suddenly .

“What do you mean?”

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“You are three months along, right? Do you feel any discomfort?”

“You mean the baby? He’s very naughty and started moving earlier and more frequently than others,” Huo Mian touched her belly and said .

“Is it… normal? Do you need to get a check at the hospital?” Su Yu was worried .

“I’m a doctor . I’m fine . After I finish Zhixin’s engagement banquet, I’ll return to work . I’ll stay in the hospital all day long and it will be convenient if I have any problems with the pregnancy…”

“Pooh! Don’t be a doomsayer . You’ll be fine . ” Su Yu looked anxious .

“Don’t worry . I’m fine . After all, having babies isn’t a big deal; every woman can do it . I’m not so fragile . ”

“Why do you have to go to work in this state? I don’t understand you,” Su Yu complained .

“If you understand me, then I’m not Huo Mian . ”

“Did Qin Chu agree to it? Don’t be stubborn and just stay at home until the baby comes,” Su Yu advised .

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“Mr . Qin agreed . He knows I can’t stay idle . ”

“Fine . I don’t understand you guys . But you must be careful . ”

“I know . Don’t worry . ”

“Are you hungry? Do you want me to take you out and grab a bite?”

“No . I came from GK and had hot pot with my husband; I’m not hungry . I just wanted to come up and see you when I passed by your company . ”

Not wanting to hurt Su Yu, she didn’t say she just came here to talk about his gift for Zhixin .

“I’ll send someone to get a glass of milk for you . ”

“Please don’t . I really can’t take it . I’ve got to go and pick up the kids from the school . ”

“Okay . ” Reluctantly, Su Yu watched as Huo Mian stood up and walked toward the door .

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“Get to the hotel early this weekend . We need help from friends . ”

“Don’t worry . I’ll be there early . ”

“About the gift…” Huo Mian glanced at him, still worried .

“I won’t bring a gift; you saved money for me,” Su Yu comforted her .

Huo Mian smiled in satisfaction; waving at him, she walked out .

“An, you walk Mian downstairs until she gets into the car . ” Su Yu instructed .

“Yes, President Su . ”

Huo Mian left Imperial Star and went to the school to pick up the kids .

On the way home, the twins looked sulky and didn’t talk to their mom .

“What’s wrong with you two today?” Huo Mian glanced at them .

Pudding kept her head lowered and didn’t answer .

Little Bean raised her head . “Mom, I dislike the woman Zeng Rou . Can you get her out of here?”

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