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Published at 25th of June 2020 03:35:05 PM
Chapter 3262: 3262
Chapter 3262 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 2

“Honey? Honey?” Huo Mian called out but received no reply .

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After checking the washroom and finding nothing, Huo Mian left her bedroom and walked out carefully .

Sure enough, there was a faint light emitting from the library…

“Honey…” Huo Mian pushed open the library door quietly .

Qin Chu looked up, surprised; he wasn’t expecting Huo Mian to wake up in the middle of the night .

Qin Chu wasn’t working and his computer was off .

Under the dim lighting, Qin Chu was sitting in his chair, a lit cigarette still in his hand .

“Baby, why are you up?” Qin Chu got up and snuffed out his cigarette .

“I got up to go to the washroom and saw that you weren’t there . So, I came out . ” Huo Mian pouted, looking pitiful .

Ever since her return, she’d been feeling less than secure .

She would always wonder if Qin Chu was next to her as if she’d been traumatized .

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“Don’t worry, it’s not like I’ll run away . ” Qin Chu took off his jacket and wrapped it around Huo Mian .

“Honey, I’m not cold . ”

“Cover yourself . You’re pregnant right now . We can’t risk anything . ”

“It’s so late . Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Qin Chu looked terrible; he seemed very weak .

“I… still have some work I have to finish from work . ”

“Is it urgent?”

“Yes, it’s pretty urgent… so I’m working overnight . ”

“Then… are you done?”

“Yes, I’m done . I was going to go to bed after a smoke . ”

“If you’re not done, I can help,” Huo Mian suggested .

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“How could I ask you to help me? You’re our biggest treasure right now… as valuable as a panda,” Qin Chu teased .

“Psh, I’m not a panda! They’re lazy and fat… I’m the hardworking Doctor Huo!”

“Alright, alright, Doctor Huo, let’s go back to sleep . Staying up’s not good for the baby . ”

“Okay . ”

Huo Mian nodded her head, following Qin Chu back to their bedroom .

They turned off the lights but this time, Huo Mian didn’t go to sleep .

She closed her eyes but didn’t fall asleep .

After about 40 minutes, she opened her eyes quietly . She could see that Qin Chu was still awake with the help of the moonlight .

It was already 2:30 AM in the morning . He would see the daybreak if he didn’t sleep soon .

Huo Mian didn’t ask Qin Chu anything, however, she felt that he was hiding something from her .

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– The Next Morning –

After breakfast, Qin Chu went to GK and the twins went to school .

Huo Mian also left the house after tidying up .

“Young Madam, where are we going?” the driver and the bodyguard asked politely .

“I’m visiting my friend . Drive me to the Wei Mansion,” Huo Mian replied .

“Alright, Young Madam . ”

After breakfast, Huo Mian got in touch with Jiang Xiaowei, both wanting to meet each other .

Jiang Xiaowei hadn’t been feeling well and was taking some time off work .

So, she spent her days at home, and with With Wei Liao working and the kids at school, she’d never felt so relaxed .

In her spare time, she even learned to arrange flowers . The Wei Mansion had quite the artistic feel it, all thanks to Jiang Xiaowei, of course .

Huo Mian loved the atmosphere of the mansion . She followed Jiang Xiaowei into the back garden, watching the latter prune and trim freshly bought plants .

“Xiaowei, actually, I’m here to ask you for something,” Huo Mian stated frankly .

“Ha, you don’t even need to ask! What do you need?” Jiang Xiaowei smiled .

“Xiaowei, I beg you, tell me… what is Qin Chu hiding from me? You know, don’t you?”Huo Mian’s words were filled with pain .

“Mian, what are you talking about?” Jiang Xiaowei looked unnatural .

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