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Chapter 3261: 3261
Chapter 3261 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 1

“President Su, I really don’t think you need to do so much… it’s only Miss Huo’s younger brother…”

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“Yeah! That’s Mian’s only younger brother,” Su Yu reiterated .

“But President Su, forgive me for being frank, President Qin is richer than god too . He won’t cheap out when it comes to his brother-in-law . The last time I saw Zhixin, he was driving a Maybach from President Qin . ”

“Oh, that’s true . Qin Chu probably gave him a car already . Then what should I give him? Jewelry? Antiques?”

“President Su, didn’t Miss Huo say no presents? They’re being low-key for a reason . They didn’t even announce the event . ”

“Whether or not she accepts presents is her problem . Whether or not I give them is mine . ” Su Yu was being stubborn .

“Ugh… alright, then . ”

An decided not to argue with his boss; clearly, he was getting nowhere .

The hangover gave Su Yu a major headache so he remained on the couch, drinking tea and watching TV .

Unable to fend off his sleepiness, An went back to his room for the night .

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Zeng Rou came downstairs an hour later, discovering Su Yu asleep on the couch…

“Su Yu…” she called out .

The person on the couch gave no response .

“Hey, Su Yu, can you hear me?” She tried again .

Receiving absolutely no response from Su Yu, Zeng Rou found the courage to walk up to him .

She found a rug from the living room closet and laid it atop Su Yu carefully .

Although summers were hot, it was the middle of the night and temperatures were low .

Plus, Su Yu had alcohol, making him even more susceptible to getting a cold .

To her surprise, someone grabbed her hand just as she was about to leave .

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More accurately, someone hugged her hands .

“You…” Zeng Rou thought that Su Yu had woken up . Just as she was about to speak up, however, Su Yu opened his mouth first . “Mian…”

Zeng Rou’s entire body shook… of course…

Su Yu really was in love with Huo Mian; his feelings for her had seeped into his bones .

She was already the mother of two kids and had another one on the way… but Su Yu was still caught up on her .

“I’m not Mian . Let go of me . ” Not only did Su Yu grab her hand, he even thought that she was someone else . Zeng Rou felt more than awkward .

“Mian… don’t go . ”

Zeng Rou pulled her hand away, wanting to punch and laugh at the man at the same time .

As she walked upstairs, a question entered her mind…

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Who on earth was Huo Mian?

She had investigated Huo Mian before and the pictures were not that impressive; the latter was pretty, but not exceptionally beautiful .

Compared to celebrities… or models… Huo Mian was nothing .

She was no exquisite beauty, nor did she have a great upbringing . In fact, her childhood was quite sad .

It was exactly a woman like that, however, that made GK’s young president fall head over heels and Su Yu drunk in love even when she was already married and a mother .

There were even rumors of her being extremely vile and manipulative, bewitching men into doing whatever she wanted .

They said that she had spent a lot of money in Thailand, hiring some voodoo magicians to put a spell on all the men around her .

Zeng Rou thought that the rumor was way too ridiculous . However, if Huo Mian could attract the undying love and devotion of men as great as Su Yu and Qin Chu, there was definitely something special about her .

With this thought in mind, her desire to meet Huo Mian grew even stronger .

It originated from her curiosity towards Su Yu’s undying devotion, but now, she simply wanted to find out what kind of woman deserved such love .

– Deep into the night, at South Hill Manor –

Being in the latter months of her pregnancy, Huo Mian’s midnight bathroom breaks became more and more frequent .

She sat up from her bed, still half-asleep, and realized that Qin Chu was gone again .

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