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Chapter 3242: 3242
Chapter 3242 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 2

“Hahaha! Honey, will you dump us now that you have a son?”

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“Pudding, which side are you on? Have you forgotten who spoke for you just now?” Qin Chu didn’t know if he should cry or laugh .

“Dad, Mom, let’s continue our talk . Handsome Su and I are investing in the movie together, each taking 50 percent of the cost . The funds are not a problem . ”

“Go on…” Qin Chu knew his daughter always left the most important part for last .

“My last point is to ask for your permission to act in this movie . ”

“What?” Huo Mian became worked up again .

“You want to act in the movie?” Qin Chu also looked displeased .

They knew how deep the waters of the entertainment circle was; since they were rich, they would never allow their daughters to be actresses even if they liked acting .

“No . I won’t agree,” Huo Mian objected immediately .

“Me, neither . ” This time, Qin Chu stood on the side of his wife .

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“You guys should hear me out . Little Bean and I will only play small roles in the movie to make the characters look real . It’s the first movie I am investing in and I have a feeling that it will be a success, so I want Little Bean and I to be part of it for the memories . Dad, I don’t like acting and won’t become an actress or enter the entertainment circle . Please rest assured on this point,” Pudding promised solemnly .

“Still no . Do you want to attract more attention to yourselves? I don’t want more people to notice you,” said Huo Mian .

Since the twins had been kidnapped twice, it had become Huo Mian’s nightmare .

How could she allow her daughters to expose to the public view?

“Your mom is right . You two must stay low-profiled,” Qin Chu agreed .

“Mom, I’ve promised the director . How can I go back on my words?”

“Pudding, what else have you done without our permission?” Huo Mian was obviously angry .

“That’s the last one . I hope you can agree to my request . ”

“Su Yu agreed to all the things you’ve done?” Huo Mian asked her .

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“Yeah, Handsome Su knows all about it . ”

“You made the decision before consulting with us?” Huo Mian demanded .

“No . I told Handsome Su that I’d come home and consult with my mom and dad . If you don’t agree, I won’t do it even though I want to do it very much . ”

Pudding lowered her head, looking upset . She had known that her mom, who had always been strict with them, wouldn’t agree to her request so easily .

In her mom’s eyes, she was just messing around .

For a long while, Huo Mian didn’t speak; she sighed lightly…


“I know what you’re going to say . You want to say: our daughter is excellent and won’t do anything outrageous; as her parents, we must support her dreams . ” Huo Mian glanced at Qin Chu .

“Yes . I know you think the same way as I do despite your objections . ”

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“Mom, please… I beg you . ” It was the first time that Pudding begged .

She had never been so humble even when she did or said something wrong . It showed how much the child wanted to do these things .

“Okay . If you like, you can do it . ”

“Mom, you agreed?” Pudding looked up and asked in elation .

“Yes . But I have one condition . You’re still young and can’t do anything you want; you must let your dad supervise the company for you . ”

“Okay . No problem . ” Pudding smiled radiantly .

“Okay . Now you can go, so we can have our private time . ” Qin Chu chuckled .

“Thank you, Dad . I love you . ” Pudding kissed Qin Chu on the cheek; pulling open the door, she ran out .

“You spoil the daughters so much…” Huo Mian looked at her husband admonishingly .

“Don’t I spoil you?” Qin Chu asked .

“Ahh…” Suddenly, Huo Mian’s expression changed and she yelled with her hands holding onto her belly .

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