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Chapter 3243: 3243
Chapter 3243 Zhixin Finally Got Engaged 3

“What’s wrong, Mian?” Seeing the sudden change in Huo Mian’s expression, Qin Chu became scared .

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“He… just… kicked me hard,” Huo Mian stammered .

“Who?” Qin Chu didn’t know what was going on initially .

“Your son…”

Qin Chu: “…”

Understanding dawned on him after a long while and then he laughed .

“When the fellow comes out, I’ll give him a good lesson for kicking his mom…”

“The baby is so naughty at such an early stage . I wonder what he will become . ” Huo Mian held her belly and chuckled .

She remembered Little Bean and Pudding had not been so naughty .

They showered and went to bed .

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At midnight, Huo Mian woke up due to the dryness in her mouth . Her mother-in-law’s dumplings were delicious but a bit salty .

She wanted to get up to get a glass of water . When she opened her eyes, she saw groggily that Mr . Qin was sitting on the sofa beside the window .


“You’re awake?” Qin Chu looked back in surprise .

“I’m thirsty . ”

“Don’t get up . I’ll get you water . ”

“I want iced water . ”

“It’s too cold . You’re pregnant and the iced water will disturb your stomach . Drink some warm water, okay?”

“Okay . ” Seeing his worry, Huo Mian gave in .

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Qin Chu stood up and poured a glass of water from an insulated bottle and handed it to her .

“Honey, why didn’t you sleep?” Draining the water, Huo Mian put down the glass and asked Qin Chu curiously .

She had checked her cellphone and saw it was 1:30 AM, but her husband was still sitting on the sofa beside the window .

“Oh . I’m not sleepy, so I just took the time to consider the business in the company . ”

“No matter how important the business is, your health is more important . Come to the bed and sleep . We have medical training, so you should know how unhealthy staying up late is to your body . It will hinder the liver from removing wastes . ”

“Yeah . I know, Honey . ”

Obediently, Qin Chu returned to the bed and gathered Huo Mian into his arms .

Sleepily, Huo Mian turned around and fell asleep again in his arms .

However, Qin Chu still couldn’t sleep .

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After the surgery, he couldn’t use the medicine to help him sleep; so, the insomnia continued stubbornly .

Although Huo Mian had returned safe, he still couldn’t relax .

Feeling he could lose her any moment, he was afraid and anxious; as the anxiety forced his brain to work continuously, he couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep .

In fact, he hadn’t slept well in the past days and could only gain a moment’s rest at dawn .

Without enough sleep, his eyes felt dry and gritty .

But Huo Mian knew nothing about it since he told everyone not to tell Huo Mian about the cause of his previous illness .

– It was midnight –

After his drink with Shen Mingxi, Su Yu didn’t want to disturb An, so he hired a designated driver from the bar to drive him home .

Parking the car in the garage, he went toward the gate of his house .

When he passed the tent, Su Yu glanced at it curiously .

Suddenly, the tent opened; Zeng Rou walked out with blood flowing from her nose…

“What the…?”

“Su Yu, drive me to the hospital . My nose is bleeding…” She pinched her nose, but blood was still oozing out .

Immediately, Su Yu became quite startled .

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