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Chapter 3207: 3207
Chapter 3207 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 7

Su Yu’s aunt Su Yumei wasn’t his aunt by blood . She was adopted by his grandpa from a relative but was also treated like a real daughter .

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Grandpa Su loved her very much and raised her as his own daughter . She had lived in the old manor of the Su Family and was on good terms with Su Yu’s parents . After Su Yu was born, she had taken care of him for years .

After Su Yu joined the army, she married a man in the capital city of the province and had seldom returned .

Due to Grandpa Su’s connections, the man Su Yu’s aunt married was now a top figure in the provincial government while she was a high-level official in a bank .

With their two kids in high school and the ninth grade respectively, they had been busy and seldom returned .

A few months ago, Su Yu’s mother called Su Yumei and complained about Su Yu’s single status .

Trying to help, Su Yumei found this girl for Su Yu .

But the girl took things into her own hands by taking a key to Su Yu’s house from his mother .

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Then, she entered the house and even went onto his bed…

“Aunt, I’m truly surprised…”

“Indeed! I told your mom not to worry and you’d like her . ”

“Yeah . I like her very much and will entertain her well . Goodbye . ”

He spat out the words through his clenched teeth and hung up the phone .

Then, he tossed his cellphone onto the floor with a snap, startling Zeng Rou .

Furiously, Su Yu pulled at his tie, appearing to be extremely annoyed .

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“See? I told you I didn’t break in… Aunt Su asked me to come here,” the girl said brazenly with support from Su Yu’s aunt .

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“For what?” The girl was puzzled .

“Get out of my house… Now! Or I’ll toss you out from the fourth floor . Do you believe me?”

“Fourth floor? Haha! I won’t die if I fall from the fourth floor; the most I’ll get is a broken leg . But if my leg is broken, no one will marry me . Then Su Yu, you must keep me for the rest of my life…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Do you know how shameless you are?” Su Yu glared at her .

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“I know how brazen you are . Seeing I’m scantily dressed, you keep staring at me . That’s brazen of you,” said Zeng Rou with a smirk .

Hearing her words, Su Yu’s face paled in fury and then he turned his face away from her .

“Hahaha! What? Are you shy? Don’t worry, I’m generous and won’t ask you for money for staring at me . Oh, by the way, tell me the wifi password; I’ve wasted lots of my data… And I’m hungry since there’s nothing in your fridge . Can you order takeout for me? I want hamburgers, French fries, and iced coffee with no sugar . Thanks . ”

Su Yu raised his head and took a deep breath to suppress his urge to kill her .

Did heaven send this woman to torture him? What the heck?

“Are you Zeng Rong?” Su Yu suppressed his fury and asked her .

“No . My name is Zeng Rou . Rou means gentleness . You don’t look old, but your hearing is poor . Do you have trouble hearing words in your left ear or your right ear? Aunt didn’t tell me that . If you have a hearing problem, you must tell me now, so I can decide if I’ll marry you or not . It might have an impact on our children . ”

As the girl mumbled to herself, Su Yu almost went crazy .

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