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Chapter 3208: 3208
Chapter 3208 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 8

“Shut up! If you say one more word, I’ll kill you…” Su Yu was desperate .

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“You have hypomania?” The woman pointed at him .

Not able to bear it anymore, Su Yu picked up his cellphone and dialed a number .

“An, come up . ”

In less than one minute, An broke in .

To protect Su Yu, An had moved to a bedroom on the first floor a few months ago .

Getting his boss’s call, An thought he was in danger .

When he saw the woman dressed in a sexy sleeping gown on the bed, he was stupefied .

What was happening?

Did his boss call him up to have a three-player mode?

“President Su, I’m not that kind of guy,” An immediately refused .

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“What are you talking about? Toss this woman out . The farther the better . Do it now . ”


“Su Yu, you can’t do this to me . I’m your future wife, the woman who’ll bear your children,” Zeng Rou roared at Su Yu indignantly .

“Fu*k off . I don’t have such a stupid wife . Get out!”

Su Yu was enraged .

He had returned home in the middle of the night, preparing to go to bed after a shower; but to his surprise, this crazy woman popped up in his bed .

“Um… This young lady, please go by yourself; if you force me to help you, I’m afraid I might break your limbs,” An said politely .

“You can’t do this to me . I’m your future madam,” Zeng Rou said to An arrogantly .

“President Su, what’s happening?”

“Nothing . I don’t know which psychiatric hospital she escaped from…” Su Yu didn’t care to explain .

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Not daring to delay, An picked up a bath towel to cover the woman before pushing her out of the house .

“Hey! Su Yu, you can’t do this to me . I’ll tell Aunt Su . ”

The woman screamed .

“You can even tell Chairman Mao and it won’t do anything . This is my home and I can do anything I want here . ”

After An brought the woman out, Su Yu pulled the sheets from the bed and tossed them onto the floor .

Taking out a new set of sheets, covering, and pillowcase, he put them on .

Then he went to bed after a shower .

He understood why his family wanted to arrange a woman for him, but she was really not his type . She was the same type as Xu Jiamin, whom his grandpa’s comrade in the army once brought to him .

Without a word, An pushed Zeng Rou out of the house and shut the door before locking it from inside .

Zeng Rou tried to unlock it with the key but couldn’t open it . Stomping her foot in fury, she had no choice but to walk away with her suitcase .

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With the bath towel still draping around her shoulders, she called Su Yu’s aunt and complained to her while weeping .

This scene was captured by some paparazzi .

Su Yu’s aunt immediately called him, but he didn’t answer .

Then, Su Yu’s aunt called Mrs . Su who then called her son, but he still didn’t answer .

Su Yu was angry and turned off his cellphone .

On the next morning, a huge story blew up .

A photo of Zeng Rou standing at his door in a sleeping gown went viral on the internet .

Although her face was blurry, her figure looked good .

The photo had a title with it—Young Model Spent Night with Young Master Su in His House; Bodyguard Escorted Her Out at Midnight .

The news about Su Yu’s new girlfriend spread out quickly .

When he got up at seven, he found he had 128 unanswered calls and almost 100 WeChat messages .

He almost thought his cellphone got a virus .

He was about to read these messages when Tang Chuan’s call came .


“Finally, you answered my call, Young Master Su . ”

“What’s up?” Su Yu was oblivious to the situation .

“Who’s the girl that spent the night at your house? Was she skillful? What’s her background? How come you’ve never mentioned her before?” Tang Chuan bombarded him with questions .

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