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Chapter 3204: 3204
Chapter 3204 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 4

“I’m fine with it . I’m just afraid that the work is beneath you; after all, you’re a family member of a high-level official…”

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“Oh, don’t call me that . I’m not so lofty; I’m just an ordinary woman . ”

Mrs . Su held Huo Mian’s hand in excitement . “Mian, you promise me you can’t go back on your words . ”

“Haha! Don’t worry, Auntie . I’ll never go back my words; I’m just afraid you’d get tired . ”

“No, no, no! My body aches all over because of boredom . I’ll treat the work as a form of physical exercise . ”

“Auntie, will… Su Yu agree to it?”

“It’s not his business . Don’t mind him…” Mrs . Su waved her hand dismissively .

“Auntie, about the salary…”

“It doesn’t matter . I’d do it free; I’ll just take it as volunteer work,” Mrs . Su said happily .

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“No, we can’t use your labor for free . Auntie, you’re a postgraduate of a famous university . We planned to pay 30,000 yuan per month if we employed someone else . It’s not much, but it’s what you deserve for your work . What do you think?”

“I’ll do it for 2,000 . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Auntie, please don’t argue with us on the salary . It’s a fair salary for the director position . Please take it, or Mian and I will feel bad,” Qin Chu said .

Seeing their persistence, Mrs . Su had to give in .

“Okay . That’s settled then . When do I begin?” She was impatient .

“Grandma Su, you feel like a prisoner who’s finally got released, right?” Little Bean smirked . Update by Listnovel . com

“Nonsense! What are you talking about?” Huo Mian scolded Little Bean for her impertinence .

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“It’s fine . The kiddo is right . I do feel that I’ve just been released after getting a life sentence . ” Mrs . Su was in a good mood .

“Auntie, you can go to the center in a couple of days and I’ll tell the staff about it . In a few days, I’ll return to work at South Side . Our workplaces are close, and we can help each other . You may come to me if you have problems,” Huo Mian said .

“Excellent . I’ll have lunch with you then . ”

“The food in the cafeteria isn’t very good . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“It will be fine . I love to eat the food prepared in large quantities in a cafeteria . It’s better than staying at home alone and counting the minutes… To tell you the truth, I’ve been lonely these years despite the good food and beautiful house . The senior is usually not home and my husband goes on business trips constantly . Yu joined the army at a young age and then opened his own company and moved out, coming back to see me only occasionally . In fact, the happiest days I’ve had in the past years were the time when you lived here and gave birth to Pudding and Little Bean…”

Mrs . Su’s words brought a lump into Huo Mian’s throat .

Although she needed nothing since she was part of the family of a high-level official and a rich lady in the top circle, she had felt empty spiritually .

Huo Mian now truly understood the meaning of the Zen words “you win some, you lose some” .

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It seemed she had done a good deed to find something to do for Auntie Su .

“Good . Auntie, it’s settled then . ”

“Mian, are you three months along now?” Mrs . Su looked at Huo Mian’s belly .

“Yeah . Three months and five days . ”

“You’re so thin and it doesn’t show . You must eat more . ”

“I will . ”

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Mrs . Su asked .

“I don’t know yet . ”

“You’re a doctor and can check it with a color ultrasonic machine . I heard your South Side Hospital has advanced devices to check the gender of the babies,” Mrs . Su said with great interest .

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