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Chapter 3203: 3203
Chapter 3203 A Woman Appeared on the Bed 3

After breakfast, Qin Chu drove Huo Mian and the kids to the Su Family with lots of gifts .

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Only Mrs . Su was home; Su Yu was not there .

Seeing Huo Mian, Mrs . Su was relieved .

“It’s so good to see you back . We were sick with worry . ”

“I’m fine, Auntie Su . ”

“Qin Chu, come and take a seat . Don’t stand there . ” Mrs . Su liked Qin Chu very much .

“Aunt, where’s Uncle?”

“Oh, he was waiting for you at home but then the new leader of the city government sent for him to talk about a new project . ”

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“Oh, that’s fine . I brought him a special-supply pinewood teapot from North Korea . ”

He placed the gift on the tea table before the sofa .

“Oh, I told you your Uncle and I need nothing . You shouldn’t have wasted money on gifts . ”

“Grandma Su, you’re wrong . We have to waste some money because we’re loaded with it,” Little Bean said with a smirk .

“Little girl, you are a sweet talker . ” Mrs . Su smiled gently .

“Please take it, Aunt . It’s not very expensive; made with a top-quality wood, it’s just hard to acquire . I think Uncle will like it . ”

“Fine . I thank you on behalf of your Uncle . ”

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The maid of the house brought out plates of fresh fruits as the twins played in the house as if they were in their own home .

Qin Chu and Huo Mian sat in the living room and chatted with Mrs . Su .

“Auntie, you are probably bored from staying home all day long . Do you want me to find something for you to do?”

“That’s a good idea . To tell you the truth, I’ve been wanting to go out and do something; I feel suffocated staying at home . If not for my special identity and objection from your uncle, I would have done it long ago . ”

Hearing Huo Mian would find something for her to do, Mrs . Su was as happy as a child .

“Auntie, our hospital will soon build a children’s rehabilitation center which specializes in the rehabilitation therapies for disabled children under ten years old . We’ve got doctors and other staff, but since the center is established jointly with GK, it can’t be managed by the South Side Rehabilitation Center . So, I want to invite you to be the director of the center . But it won’t take much of your energy and time because we’ll hire a vice-director to do daily management . You will act as an image ambassador and visit the children when you feel bored . What do you think?”

Huo Mian hadn’t talked about her plan with Qin Chu yet, but she felt he wouldn’t object to it .

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They had been considering the cooperation project between GK, which was the investor, and the South Side Rehabilitation Center for a long time .

The project was not established to make money because they were parents and could sympathize with the parents whose kids were ill .

They created the children’s rehabilitation center as a charity program; the services were not free but affordable for ordinary people .

Hearing Huo Mian’s proposal, Mrs . Su was very happy .

“Mian, do you think I… I can do it?” she was so excited that she stammered .

“Of course . You can do it if you want to . ”

“I want to do it . I truly want to . ” Mrs . Su nodded repeatedly .

“Mom, you got Grandma Su all worked up…” Pudding glanced at Huo Mian coolly .

“Honey, what do you think?” Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with a smile .

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