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Chapter 3200
Chapter 3200 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 10

“No problem . I’ll make any food you want,” Yang Meirong patted her daughter’s hand and said .

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“Sis, at this moment, even if you wanted to eat the stars in the sky, Mom would go and pluck them for you,” Zhixin said with a chuckle .

“Go, little boy . Don’t be so rude,” Yang Meirong scolded her son .

“Grandma, Mom always makes you worry, right?” Little Bean sat in her grandmother’s arms .

“Right . Your mom always makes me worry . ”

“But I heard all the geniuses are like this . Uncle doesn’t cause you trouble, but he’s not smart . ” Little Bean smirked .

“Hey! Little girl, you dare to mock your uncle…” Zhixin flicked Little Bean on her head .

“Supper is ready . Come and eat . ”

“Huh? We have to eat again? I’m so full…” Little Bean touched her round belly .

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They had stayed in Green Tea Restaurant the whole afternoon and ate lots of fruits and desserts with the other kids, including Gao Boyuan and Wei Yunchu .

Hearing their grandmother call them to supper, Little Bean almost threw up .

“You should have restrained yourself, you ate too much…” Pudding said .

“I just can’t control my mouth,” Little Bean said as if it was a good reason .

“Then don’t complain about your fat body…”

“I didn’t . Boyuan likes me fat . You’re thin but he doesn’t like you . ”

“I don’t want him to like me,” Pudding retorted .

“Mom, look! Pudding is scolding me…” Little Bean told on her sister .

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“Little Bean, you can’t handle your elder sister . When the baby comes out, are you going to be bullied by him?” Zhixin teased her .

“Humph! That’s impossible . When the baby comes out, we’ll join hands and bully him…” Little Bean said .

“Okay . You two stop arguing… I’ll get a headache . ” Huo Mian immediately intervened .

“Mian, you’re pregnant and must rest well,” Qin Chu’s uncle instructed her .

“Okay . Uncle, I’ll be careful . ”

“I planned to ask Chu to take you to the U . S . and live there for a while since I need him to help me handle some business . After Ning fell in love, she’s always staying here, making my life quite busy . But now that you’re pregnant, he can’t leave your side . ”

“It will be fine, Uncle . If you need him, I’ll tell him to go and help you,” Huo Mian offered .

“No . The last time when you were pregnant, Chu wasn’t with you . This time, he must stay with you for the whole time until the baby is born . ”

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Hearing his words, Huo Mian felt warm inside .

In fact, every one of the Qin Family was thoughtful .

“When the baby is born, I’ll give you a house in Los Angeles as a gift . The child can live in it when he goes to the U . S . for education . ”

“Hahaha! Dad, you think so far ahead . The baby is not born yet, and you are planning for him to go to school in the U . S…” Qin Ning laughed .

“Don’t worry . The houses there are well built and many of them are more than 100 years old . It will be at least 18 years before the child is old enough to go to college in the U . S . Mian, I’ll give a house with a garden in Los Angeles to the child as my gift . ”

“No, that gift is too valuable, Uncle . ” Huo Mian immediately declined .

“Sister-in-law, take it . My dad is very rich,” said Qin Ning .

“You damned girl are trying to make your dad bankrupt, right?” Qin Ning’s father glanced at her .

“Dad, if my sister-in-law gives birth to a boy, don’t you think your gift of a house a bit small?” Qin Ning teased him .

“If Mian gives birth to a boy for our Qin Family, I’ll give him 20% of my shares besides the house . ”

“Whoa, that’s generous . ” Qin Ning exclaimed .

“No . Uncle, I can’t accept your shares . It’s not easy for you to build your business . ” Huo Mian didn’t dare to accept such a big gift .

“Grand Uncle, you’re not fair; you value boys more than girls, right? My sister and I have been so good to you and even shell pistachios for you… Humph, you’re ungrateful . ” Immediately, Little Bean pointed at Qin Chu’s uncle in displeasure .

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