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Published at 12th of June 2020 10:36:47 AM
Chapter 3199
Chapter 3199 You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss 9

“Brat, I dare you…”

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“Ha! I was just kidding . Of course, I wouldn’t dare . But anyway, I think Miss Nie is good . ”

“Miss Nie? Which Miss Nie?”

“President Su, don’t play dumb, okay? I meant Miss Xuan-Xuan, the No . 1 actress of our Imperial Star . ”

“Nie Lingxuan?”

“Yeah . Don’t you think she’s a good girl? She’s not like other pretentious women . ”

“She’s indeed different . Nie Lingxuan is a good girl, Xixi’s elder sister . ”

“Right . So I think you should give yourself a chance . Although your mother doesn’t like a woman from the entertainment circle becoming her daughter-in-law, she’d be satisfied if the other option is you remaining single . ”

“How much money did you take from Nie Lingxuan? You speak for her so boldly . ” Su Yu chuckled .

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“I didn’t take a penny from her . If you don’t believe me, you can investigate it . ” An turned his head back in a huff .

“Tsk, tsk… Look at you, you are angry . You lobbied for her so much and I’m not angry with you yet . ”

“Lobbying is useless with President Su . He only loves Miss Huo; he has loved her and will always love her . ”

“This is more like it . ” Su Yu nodded .

Soon, the car stopped at the gate of Su Yu’s house .

Entering the door, he took a shower and went to bed .

Too excited to sleep, he logged onto Weibo to see if Huo Mian had posted any updates .

To his disappointment, Huo Mian hadn’t updated her Weibo for a long time .

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He then entered the Moments but saw no updates from her . With her personality, she rarely posted on the Moments .

In contrast, the actresses in his company knew Su Yu had their accounts on WeChat, so they kept posting all kinds of selfies, including food and sceneries .

It looked as if they would post naked pictures on their Moments if he showed the least bit of interest . But Su Yu blocked all of their posts .

Among them, Nie Lingxuan was the most normal one . She would occasionally post some fun stuff of the cast or promotions about her new movies .

He opened Huo Mian’s WeChat and wanted to say something, maybe just a wish of a good night .

But he was afraid he’d make things difficult for Huo Mian; after all, she was with Qin Chu, who might get wrong ideas .

He dwelled on it for five minutes, writing and deleting again and again .

In the end, he didn’t say anything .

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– At South Hill Manor –

The whole family got emotional at Huo Mian’s safe return .

Yang Meirong held her daughter and cried .

“My poor child . Why did you have to suffer so much? Jing De, that dead guy, hasn’t protected you from the afterlife… But anyway, you’re back . Otherwise, how could Zhixin and I live without you?”

“Mom, I’m fine . Don’t cry; your heart is weak . ”

“Mian, is the baby okay?” Yang Meirong hadn’t known about Huo Mian’s pregnancy until later .

“It’s fine . The little baby is very naughty and is moving inside already like a small fish . It rolls around inside; it’s super fun . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Mom, did my sister and I do the same thing when we were inside you?” Little Bean asked curiously .

“Yeah . You two were even naughtier . When you kicked, I shivered in fright . ” Huo Mian laughed .

“It’s great that she’s back . In-Law, don’t cry… The children are fine and it’s something we should feel happy about,” Qin Chu’s father comforted Huo Mian’s mother .

“Yeah . You’re right, in-law . I’m happy that the children are back . ” Yang Meirong wiped her tears .

“Mom, I want you to cook spring pancakes and stir-fried potato slices for me,” Huo Mian held her mother’s arm and begged .

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