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Chapter 3181: 3181
Chapter 3181 Su Yu is a Crybaby 11

“Whoa . Dr . Huo, you’re a woman with a kinky taste . ”

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“Haha! Honey, can we have a nice chat? Please don’t tease me, okay?” Huo Mian couldn’t stop laughing .

“It’s you who mentioned the whip with spicy oil, right?” Mr . Qin looked innocent .

“That’s great . We can move from proclamations of love to the Bridge of Forgetfulness and Madam Meng, then to sexy underwear and a whip with spicy oil . I’m quite dizzied by our jumpy thoughts . No one can catch up with us…”

“We don’t need others to catch up with us . ”

“Hahaha! Honey, I think I’ll call you Sharp-tongue Qin . ”

“Hello, wife of Sharp-tongue Qin . ” Mr . Qin was quite witty .

Huo Mian: “…”

Finally, Huo Mian admitted defeat in her verbal battle with Mr . Qin .

After a long day and a good dinner, she soon became sleepy .

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Snuggling in Qin Chu’s arms, she sank into a deep sleep and even snored slightly . She looked adorable .

But Qin Chu couldn’t sleep . In the days after Huo Mian disappeared, he hadn’t had a full night of sleep .

After doing the surgery on him, the professor had warned him not to take that drug again, not even when he couldn’t sleep .

He held Huo Mian tightly in his arms as if he was afraid that she’d disappear the moment he loosened his arms .

He knew it was a sickness to love Huo Mian in this obsessive way .

To put it nicely, it was a bone-deep love . To put it not so nicely, he felt he wasn’t any different from Huo Siqian .

He knew he couldn’t go on like this and must change; meanwhile, he didn’t want Mian to know about it .

So before he left, he had told everyone not to tell Huo Mian about his psychological problem because he didn’t want her to worry about him .

Meanwhile, in another suite, Lu Yan was in a good mood and had emptied three bottles of red wine in less than three hours .

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Qiao Fei wasn’t a fan of alcohol . Seeing Lu Yan drink so heavily, he became even more alert in case of danger . They’d both be dead if he wasn’t careful .

“Psycho Qiao, you don’t want even a small glass of it?”

“No . It’s expensive . In our family, one money squanderer is enough for us,” Qiao Fei said with a straight face .

“Hahaha! Nonsense! I’m loaded . Even if you drink Louis XIV every day, I can afford you for the rest of your life . If you can’t drink it all, you can use it for bathing . ”

Lu Yan was a bit tipsy, looking quite happy .

“Forget it . I don’t want to waste money on baths with Louis XIV . I know you’re in a good mood, but you’ve had enough of the wine . It’s not good for your health if you get drunk . ”

“What? Not good for my health? Do you think I’m afraid of that? I live in the present and enjoy myself whenever I can . ”

She cocked her head with the glass of red wine in her hand; then she drained the remaining half of wine in the glass in a very hearty way .

Then she just fell asleep with her head leaning on one side…

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“Do you want a bath later? Shall I draw it for you now?” Qiao Fei asked .

Receiving no response from her, Qiao Fei put down his cellphone and saw Lu Yan was asleep .

Exasperated, Qiao Fei shook his head; standing up, he walked over with a blanket and tucked it around her .

At this moment, the doorbell rang .

“Who is it?”

“Young Master Qiao . It’s me, Amy . ” A woman’s voice came .

“Oh . Do you want to talk to us?”

“Yes . ”

Qiao Fei was a very cold guy and was indifferent to everyone except for Lu Yan .

He kept minimum contact with Lu Yan’s subordinates no matter if they were men or women .

Hearing Amy needed to talk to them, he had no choice but to open the door .

Opening the door, he saw Amy standing at the entrance dressed in a black dress with a low neckline; she had exquisite make-up on her face .

“What’s up?” Qiao Fei was as cool as usual .

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