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Chapter 3182: 3182
Chapter 3182 Su Yu is a Crybaby 12

“Where’s Sister Yan?”

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“She’s asleep . ”

“Oh . Let me keep watch for her . Young Master Qiao, you can go and sleep now . ”

Lu Yan’s subordinates all knew that Lu Yan and Qiao Fei were not sleeping together yet, so they had separate rooms, which was why Amy made the offer .

“No . I can do it . ”

“Aren’t you tired?” Amy looked at him affectionately .

“No . Anything else?” Qiao Fei didn’t want to chit-chat with this woman .

“Oh . I wanted to tell Boss that that guy’s body has been gotten rid of . ”

“Okay . I’ll tell her . ” Qiao Fei was about to close the door .

“Oh, wait, Young Master Qiao . ”

“Speak . ”

“Did the boss tell you the identity of the person trying to get us this time? We’re worried, but the boss didn’t say anything about it . ”

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“I don’t know . She didn’t tell me . ”

“Really? She didn’t even tell you?” Amy obviously didn’t believe him .

“What? You seem very interested in it…” Qiao Fei glanced at the woman mildly and asked .

“No . I’m just worried about our boss…”

“Don’t worry . Your boss is very tough . ”

“Young Master Qiao, are you hungry? I’ll make some night snacks and bring them to you . I can make Chinese dumplings . I heard you like pork and fennel dumplings . I can…”

“I’m not hungry . ” Before Amy could finish, Qiao Fei closed the door in her face .

Amy had a sense of failure .

She knew she didn’t have bad looks even though she wasn’t as beautiful as Lu Yan . Dressed in such a seductive way, she wondered why Qiao Fei had rejected her .

Qiao Fei sat down on a chair and continued playing with his cellphone as if nothing had happened .

Lu Yan’s curly eyelashes moved slightly…

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On the next morning, Huo Mian got up and saw it was almost 7 o’clock . It was bright outside .

“You’re up?”

“Yeah,” she said groggily, her eyes not opened fully yet .

“Did you have a good sleep?” Qin Chu asked as he handled some business on his laptop .

“Yeah . Very good . How about you?”

Pausing for three seconds, Qin Chu smiled . “Very good . ”

“I haven’t slept so well in days . Oh, I’m starving . ”

“Then get out of bed; we’ll go and have breakfast . ”

“Okay . Wait a minute . I’ll go wash up . ”

“Take your time . ” Qin Chu waited for her patiently .

When Huo Mian walked out after her morning routine, she found a shopping bag on the bed .

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“What’s this?”

“A new dress . ”

“Whoa . I’m touched by your thoughtfulness . ”

“Dr . Huo is always on the top of my thoughts . ”

“Thank you, Mr . Qin . ”

Playfully, she kissed his cheek .

Taking out the clothes from the bag, she found it was a silk dress that was the clean color of beige; the style was elegant .

The low-profiled dress fitted Huo Mian’s graceful style, just the kind she liked .

“Do I look good in it?” Changing into the new dress, Huo Mian twirled in front of Qin Chu .

“Yeah . Stunning . ” Qin Chu nodded .

Hand in hand, they walked toward the cafeteria on the top floor .

On their way, Qin Chu’s men greeted them .

“Good morning, President Qin, Mrs . Qin . ”

“Good morning, President Qin, Mrs . Qin . ”

Huo Mian nodded at them with a smile and then asked Qin Chu with her arm looped around his arm intimately, “Honey, do you think our Yan can get up so early in the morning?”

“Honey, I might have a piece of not-so-good news for you . ”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian’s smile vanished as her heart lurched .

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