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Chapter 3168: 3168
Chapter 3168 Mian, I love you 8

“Tsk, tsk… My sister Main is indeed a genius . ” Huo Siqian smiled, looking indifferent .

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Huo Mian gave him a dirty look, feeling indignant for what he had done .

“Qin Chu, you must be grateful that you have a good wife . Everyone says you bring glory to Mian but in my eyes, your title of the company president, your family background, your education, and your knowledge are all worthless . It’s my little sister Mian who makes Qin Chu an excellent man . So, you must remember that you’ll always owe her . ”

Then, Huo Siqian sat down, slowly leaning on the cold wall . Obviously, he was weak .

Having been locked in the basement for so long, he had become very weak after taking no food and only some water .

“Where’s Ian?” calming down, Qin Chu asked .

“Whoa . You’re brave and dare to go after Ian . Do you know who he is?”

“Cut the bullsh-t . Where is he?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you?” Huo Siqian raised his eyebrows .

“No . But I think you are not loyal to him, or you wouldn’t have betrayed him . Do you know his men are also searching for you?”

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“Really? He misses me very much . ” Huo Siqian smiled with unreadable eyes .

“Besides, his brother is also searching for you . You seem to have a close relationship with his brother…”

Hearing Qin Chu’s words, Huo Siqian’s expression changed instantly .

Huo Siqian seldom mentioned Nalo; even when others brought him up, Huo Siqian showed no interest in the topic .

According to the rumors, their relationship was unusually intimate, but it was never confirmed by Huo Siqian .

“Qin Chu, the winner takes all . Now that I’m in your hands, I have nothing to say . If you want, just come and kill me . ”

“Do you really think you’re a martyr?” A sharp dagger appeared in Qin Chu’s right hand .

“If I was afraid of death, I’d never have done these things . Go ahead . I don’t care…”

“I thought it would be very difficult to catch you . I’m surprised at how easy it was,” Qin Chu looked at Huo Siqian and said expressionlessly .

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“Don’t be surprised . It was because Jack, my alternate personality, came out to make trouble, and I was afraid he’d hurt Mian . Otherwise, do you think you can stand here and talk to me?”

“So, you think of yourself as a great man?” Qin Chu smiled mockingly .

“I was never great, but…”

Then, Huo Siqian looked at Huo Mian standing beside Qin Chu .

“I’m truly in love with Mian . I always have been . ”

A bit fearful of Huo Siqian acting in this way, Huo Mian hid behind Qin Chu .

“Mian . ”


“You go out first . ”

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“No . I want to stay here with you . ” Huo Mian was truly afraid Huo Siqian would brainwash Qin Chu .

The fellow had seen Qin Chu’s weakness and kept saying words to provoke him .

“I’ll be fine . He won’t be able to brainwash me . I’m not that stupid . ” Qin Chu understood her concern and touched her head lovingly .

“Honey… I’m worried…”

“I’ll be fine . Give me five minutes and I’ll join you . This place is too damp for the baby . ”

“Well… Okay . I’ll wait for you on the ground . Come out soon,” Huo Mian instructed again .

“Okay . ”

When Huo Mian turned and opened the door, Huo Siqian suddenly yelled, “Mian, I love you . ”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian paused briefly in her tracks; then opening the door, she walked out without looking back .

She didn’t know how Qin Chu would deal with him, but she would have no objections no matter what Qin Chu did . Huo Siqian wasn’t evil but was a problem to them if he lived .

After Huo Mian was gone, Qin Chu walked closer to Huo Siqian with the dagger in his right hand .

“What? You want to cut me into pieces? Your dagger is too small . Do you want to use a bigger one?” Huo Siqian’s lips curved up with a sinister smile .

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