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Chapter 3167: 3167
Chapter 3167 Mian, I love you 7

“Very good . You’ve prepared this uninhabited island plan for years…” Qin Chu looked around and said slowly .

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“Yeah . Being with my Sister Mian is my biggest dream . I realized it . ”

“But you failed again,” Qin Chu said .

“No, I didn’t . I’d have succeeded so long as I stayed with her alone on the island for even one single day . In contrast, you’re the one who failed . Qin Chu, look at you . You claim you love her but what happened? Seven years ago, you went abroad without a word after that accident happened, leaving her to take the blame for her stepfather’s death for seven years . She had excellent grades and could’ve been accepted by the top universities without needing to attend the college entrance examination . But due to that accident, she took the blame and had to conceal her talent . Now you’ve graduated from a world-famous university, but Mian’s just a student of a third-class medical school and is mocked by people even now… You say you love her, but I don’t believe it . Hehe . I really don’t believe it’s love you feel . Do you deserve her? Qin Chu, you don’t deserve Mian, such a good girl . ”

Huo Siqian’s words stunned Qin Chu…

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“Huo Siqian, shut up . That’s between the two of us and we don’t need your comments . ” Huo Mian was angry .

She knew Qin Chu was still feeling guilty towards her and their children, and these words would put more pressure on his conscience .

Huo Siqian shook the iron chain on his wrists with ear-grating clanking sounds…

“Mian, don’t be silly . Qin Chu doesn’t love you . The person he loves was always himself . When I set the trap using Song Yishi and got him into prison, you took the blame for him . What did he do to you? He didn’t die but made everybody believe he had died . He tricked me and everyone else . He turtled in the U . S . for four years and wouldn’t return to see you . When you gave birth to the babies, where was he? On your birthdays, where was he? When your children had their first birthday party, where was he? After Su Yu arranged everything, he came back to enjoy the results . Qin Chu, are you still a man? Even Su Yu is better than you . Really, I despise you from the bottom of my heart . ”

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“Huo Siqian, stop it . Don’t try to brainwash us… Your logic and sense of right and wrong are totally mistaken . Don’t try to change what we think about you . No matter what Qin Chu did, he had never harmed people without a good reason . How about you? How many people have you killed for your own interests? You’re a killer . Why didn’t you talk about this? You didn’t even show mercy on Wang Shasha, who was pregnant . You don’t have the right to talk about human nature or love . ”

Huo Mian was a determined person and had never changed her thinking just because of other people’s persuasions and opinions .

But Qin Chu was different because he’d been feeling guilty towards Huo Mian and their children due to his absence in those four years .

Seeing his weakness, Huo Siqian tried to use those things to provoke Qin Chu and make him fall apart mentally .

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Indeed, Huo Siqian’s words had made some subtle changes in Qin Chu; he began to feel he was indeed a scumbag and didn’t deserve to have Mian .

But hearing Huo Mian’s fierce retort, Qin Chu recovered .

“Huo Siqian, you’re despicable . In the past years, you separated me and my children from my husband… Now seeing his weakness, you even want to brainwash him and make him collapse mentally . You’re heartless . I tell you, so long as I’m here, I’ll never let anyone hurt Qin Chu; never…” Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s hand tightly, feeling lucky that she was beside him, so Huo Siqian couldn’t brainwash him and make him collapse psychologically . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

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