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Chapter 3144: 3144
Chapter 3144 Finally Found You 14

“Shall we act now?” The man wearing sunglasses picked up his cellphone and asked the person on the other end of the line .

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“No . Just watch them . ”

“Yes, Boss . ”

In Tasmania, Huo Mian settled down in an inconspicuous motel with the 5,000 dollars that Riley gave to her .

Then, she went out and found a phone booth several streets from the motel to make a call .

As she dialed Qin Chu’s familiar number, Huo Mian inhaled deeply and felt quite nervous .

She’d soon hear Mr . Qin’s voice; he’d be ecstatic when he learns that she had escaped .

After she finished dialing, there was a pause of three seconds before an automated voice said, “Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off…”

Huh? Huo Mian was surprised because Qin Chu rarely turned off his cellphone; usually, he kept it on 24/7 .

Did something happen to him? Did Qin Chu think she was dead after she disappeared?

No . They had two daughters back home…

Uneasily, she dialed the number of their home, South Hill Manor .

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After about a dozen seconds, someone answered the call .


“Ning-Ning?” Huo Mian recognized it was Qin Ning’s voice .

“Sister… Sister-in-law?” Qin Ning asked in disbelief .

“It’s me . ” Huo Mian was a bit emotional .

“My goodness… How did you call me? Where are you? Do you know we almost went crazy searching for you…”

Qin Ning tried to suppress her elation .

“I know . Is everyone okay at home?” Huo Mian asked .

“Yeah, everyone is good . They are waiting for your safe return . ”

“Where’s my husband? I called him but his cellphone is powered off . Is he home or in the company?”

“How can my brother go to work at such a time? After you were gone, he went into a coma due to the shock he received and stayed in the Army Hospital for a long time . He woke up after surgery only a couple of days ago . Then he received some information about your whereabouts and left on a night flight . I guess he’s now still in the air, which is why you couldn’t get through to him . ”

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“I see . Where is he going?” Huo Mian asked cautiously .

“He said he was going to Australia . ”

“He really said he’s going to Australia?” Huo Mian was excited .

It seemed Qin Chu was very close to her…

If she could leave here and contact Qin Chu, they would meet in Sydney .

“Yes, he said you might be in Australia . ”

“Okay, I got it . When your brother turns on his cellphone, you can call him and tell him I’m also in Australia . ”

“You’re also in Australia?! My goodness! That’s great! Where are you?” Qin Ning asked .

“I’m…”Visit website our Listnovel . com

Huo Mian was about to say her location when she heard some tiny noises on the line .

She wondered if the phone in their home was bugged .

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Daring not to continue, she just said in a hurry, “He will understand . I’ll go and find him . I’ll call him later . ”

“Okay . Sis-in-Law, you must take care . ”

“I will . ”

“Sis-in-law, is the baby okay?”

“Yeah . The baby is fine . ”

“That’s awesome!” Qin Ning was exhilarated .

“Ning-Ning, how about Pudding and Little Bean?”

“Don’t worry . They are fine,” said Qin Ning .

“Good . That’s good . ”

“Do you want to talk to them?”

“Not now . I’ll talk to them when I’m home . Don’t make the kids worry for me . ” Then Huo Mian hung up immediately .

She checked the time and found she had been on the phone for more than 30 seconds .

Uneasily, she left the telephone booth .

It was almost dark . She had eaten a lot for lunch but now she felt hungry again, probably because of her pregnancy .

Huo Mian decided to buy some food at a convenience store and brought it back to the motel .

When she turned into an alley, she felt someone was following her .

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