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Published at 29th of May 2020 11:30:05 PM
Chapter 3145: 3145
Chapter 3145 Finally Found You 15

Huo Mian glanced at the sky and found that it had darkened .

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The streets in the evening here were not as lively as those in China since there were no night markets full of crowds .

Even Sydney was like this, not to mention a small town like Tasmania .

She had heard from the news that it wasn’t safe to walk around after dark in a foreign country, especially not in a zone full of black residents . (TL Note: China is very homogenous in terms of racial diversity (because it’s like 99% Chinese people), so there are a lot of racial stereotypes as not many of them get to interact with different cultures . This author is basing the story off of racial stereotypes and in no way represents our opinion . Please treat it as a fiction . )

Huo Mian was a stranger to the town and didn’t know which streets were safe .

After ending the call, she had walked into a small alley; now she berated herself for not choosing the main road or a street with more people .

But she couldn’t retrace her steps now and had to quicken her steps .

She walked swiftly, almost jogging…

But she felt the person behind her also quickened steps and the heavy footsteps told her that the follower was a guy .

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Not daring to look back, she began to run…

Still, the follower grabbed her hair and pushed her against the wall .

Huo Mian turned her head and paled when she saw the guy was a black man of about 6 feet 2 inches .

She couldn’t see his age, but his eyes looked hungry like a predator .

“Woman, you can’t run away from me now,” the black guy said viciously in English .

“Who sent you?” Huo Mian looked at him and asked .

“Huh?” He looked puzzled at the question .

“Did Riley send you? Or someone else?” Huo Mian asked again .

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“Who’s Riley? I don’t know him…”

The black guy didn’t look he was lying . Huo Mian suddenly realized that he was just a thug from the streets .

Thinking quickly, she took out a few bills . “If you want money, here you go . That’s all I have . ”

“I don’t want it…”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian was struck by a sudden surge of fear .

Hungrily, the black man looked her up and down, asking, “Are you Korean?”

Huo Mian didn’t speak .


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Huo Mian remained silent .

“Chinese? Are you from Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan?” He seemed curious as to where Huo Mian came from .

Not knowing his intention of the questions, she didn’t answer .

“Forget it . If you don’t speak, I’ll do it now . Do you know how much I love Korean girl groups? Their figures are so tempting… I wonder how you Asians look so cute; you’re God’s perfect masterpieces . It seems that I finally get a chance to enjoy myself now…”

“Please don’t hurt me . Tell me what you want . ” Huo Mian begged this black guy to let her go .

“You want me to let you go? No . It’s not every day that I can get someone like you . How can I let you go? After I’m done with you, I’ll bring you back to my pals because they also like Asian women . You’re as cute as a doll . ” The black guy licked his lips as if he was about to taste her .

“Don’t do this to me . I’m three months pregnant . I have a baby in my belly . Don’t hurt us . ”

Huo Mian thought any person with the least conscience wouldn’t hurt a pregnant woman, right?

But, she was mistaken .

Hearing that she was pregnant, the black guy looked excited . “Oh, my goodness! I’ve never tried pregnant women before . I’m sure it will be a thrilling experience . ”

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