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Chapter 3136: 3136
Chapter 3136 Finally Found You 6

“You… Lu Yan, you’re really good . ” Qiao Fei was furious .

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“Don’t be afraid . I’ll finish the documents very quickly and rescue you from this old fellow’s home . You just take your time and play with him . ”

Before he could reply, Lu Yan grabbed Qiao Fei’s hand and walked to the old white man .

“Mr . Smith, then… I entrust my friend to you . Please entertain him well . ”

“Of course . I like friends from China the best . ” The old guy looked very pleased .

“Good . My friend will entertain you well, too… Enjoy yourselves . ”

Tossing the insinuating words at them, Lu Yan and her subordinates stood to one side and let them pass .

At this moment, two female secretaries knocked on the door and then walked in with two big piles of documents .

“Mr . Smith, these are the documents you requested . ”

“Put them here . ”

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“Yes, Sir . ”

“Are all the documents I want here? You didn’t miss anything?” Lu Yan looked at the documents and asked .

“That’s all . Don’t worry . These documents contain information about all the islands around Australia . ”

“Good . Thank you, Mr . Smith . ”

“Qiao, come home with me . ” The old guy looked at Qiao Fei with lust in his eyes .

Without a word, Qiao Fei walked out of the door, and the old guy followed him .

After Qiao Fei was gone, one of Lu Yan’s subordinates couldn’t help asking, “Boss, did you really give Young Master Qiao to that old man?”

“What else can I do? Shall I give you to him?” Lu Yan stared at him .

“No, no! I’m not as pretty as Young Master Qiao . Ha . ”

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“Good . You know your limitations,” Lu Yan said as she flipped through the documents quickly .

“But Boss, will Young Master Qiao be in danger?” Lu Yan’s female subordinate asked worriedly .

“No, he won’t . ”

“But I heard Smith is a perverted old psycho and many Chinese students died in his home; some just went missing . Despite the uproar of the parents, the cases all ended up unsolved because they involved people from two countries and Smith has a huge force at his back . ”

“Don’t worry . Qiao Fei isn’t a university student . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“But Smith’s house is heavily guarded, and he has many bodyguards . Young Master Qiao is a good fighter, but he’d be helpless if he doesn’t have weapons on him . ”

“What? You’re worried about Qiao Fei’s safety?” Lu Yan slanted a glance at the woman .

The woman blushed . “No… No . I just feel that Young Master Qiao is good to you, and it’s not right that you treat him like this . ”

“I’ve been with Qiao Fei for years and know him very well . You guys don’t worry about him and help me with the documents . Sort through them and mark down any suspicious islands . ”

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“Yes, Boss . ”

After Qiao Fei left with the old white guy, Lu Yan and her subordinates began reading through all the documents about the islands .

Meanwhile, Huo Mian blackmailed the men to get aboard the boat with antidotes and left the island .

On the boat, she didn’t dare to fall asleep or eat food; she was even cautious when she used the washing room .

After all, the men on the boat were not good law-abiding people .

“How long will it be before we reach the land?” she asked Riley .

“Soon . ”

“What’s the name of the place we’re heading?” Huo Mian asked .

After a moment of hesitation, he said, “Tasmania . ”

“What? Tasmania? That means we’re… in Australia…” Huo Mian was surprised .

“Good . You know a lot,” Riley glanced at her and said slowly .

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