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Chapter 3135: 3135
Chapter 3135 Finally Find You 5

Lu Yan glanced at Qiao Fei, trying to pass him a look…

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Reluctantly, Qiao Fei stood up, poured a glass of warm water for the old guy, and placed it on the desk .

As the white old guy reached out eagerly for the glass, he touched Qiao Fei’s hand .

Feeling sick, Qiao Fei almost took out a knife and stabbed the old guy .

“I’m very interested in Chinese culture, especially the Dao of tea… Some local Chinese always give me gifts of top-quality Pu’er tea leaves . ”

“I’ve heard that you like China, Mr . Smith . ” Lu Yan forced out a smile .

“Yes . I especially like Chinese people…” Then he looked at Qiao Fei pointedly .

Lu Yan’s subordinates finally understood their boss’s intention .

“It seems Boss wants Young Master Qiao to seduce the gay foreigner with his good looks . ”

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“Ahem . How could Young Master Qiao agree to that? It’s not his cool and reserved style . ”

“With our boss’s temper, who dares to disobey her?”

“It’s weird . The boss always deals with people in a simple and violent way, killing or bombing them . How come she changed to a new method this time?”

“It’s said the old white guy’s elder brother is a top figure in Australia . I guess the boss doesn’t want to deal with the troubles following his death if she kills him . ”

As the subordinates whispered to each other behind them, Qiao Fei clenched his fists to suppress his temper with a livid face .

Lu Yan Immediately walked over and threw an arm around his shoulders, whispering to him, “Be patient, Psycho Qiao . We need the old guy to help us find the information . ”

Then, Lu Yan looked back at Smith, saying, “Mr . Smith, I’m a straightforward person and always speak my mind . Why don’t you take the money and my man and then give me the information?”

“Thank you, Miss Lu . But…” Smith still played coy .

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Running out of patience, Lu Yan took Qiao Fei’s hand and began to walk out .

“If that’s the case, then never mind… Let’s go . ”

“Hey! Wait…” Smith sounded frantic .

Lu Yan paused her steps with a smug smile on her lips .

“Yes, Mr . Smith?” Lu Yan turned her head and asked .

“I was thinking that you’re after all recommended by my good friend . If I refuse to help you, it will reflect badly on me . ”

Smith gave her some meaningless nonsense .

“So?” Lu Yan raised her eyebrows .

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“So, I’ll do as Miss Lu said . I’ll take the money and bring the guy with me . Soon, I’ll have the documents brought to you, but there’s one thing…”

“What thing?” Lu Yan was not pleased that this damned old guy even had a condition .

“You can only read the documents here and can’t take them out . After all, they are secret files and if anyone gets their hands on them, I’ll be dead,” said Smith .

Lu Yan knew the documents in Smith’s hands contained the information on the secret fortunes of many rich people in the world .

The rich people bought these islands at exorbitant prices, but they didn’t want to catch unwanted attention .

If the information was leaked out, many killers would find them and try to take their money or lives .

“I understand what you mean, Mr . Smith . I agree to your condition . ”

“Very good . I’ll have the documents brought up here . ” Then, he put away the suitcase swiftly; obviously, he loved money .

When Smith was speaking on the phone, Lu Yan whispered to Qiao Fei, “You must be careful . This guy is a perverted gay guy and probably will try to do some Su0026M play with you . ”

Hearing her words, Qiao Fei had the urge to strangle her…

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