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Chapter 3124: 3124
Chapter 3124 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 14

“Okay, I’ll take a look . ”

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Shen Mingxi casually sat down beside Wei Ying .

He didn’t forcefully maintain a distance, so he was very close to her .

Wei Ying could smell the familiar cologne scent on him . It was her favorite .

It also was the only one Shen Mingxi liked over the years . It was just that for a while, Huo Yanyan forcefully changed his cologne to a strong luxury brand .

Now, he changed it back . When she thought about that, Wei Ying’s mood lightened up for no reason .

She wanted to mention this information at Qin Chu’s family dinner .

However, her brother was in a bad mood . So, both Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi left .

They arranged another time to meet in order to avoid unnecessary trouble .

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“Mingxi, these schools are all very good . My friend’s niece and another friend’s nephew go to two of these schools . They really are good, you should check them out in person . ”

“Mhm . ” Shen Mingxi nodded .

“But… She’s so young, are you sure you want to send her abroad?”

“I’m sure . ”

“Oh, okay . ” Wei Ying didn’t know what to say .

Wei Ying didn’t dare to comment too much on Shen Mingxi sending Tiantian abroad . If she did, he might get suspicious of her having ulterior motives .

After all, the news of her getting back with Shen Mingxi was all the heat at the moment .

At that moment, if she was very enthusiastic about sending the child abroad, it would seem as if she wanted to get rid of the burden .

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However, that couldn’t be further from the truth . It was Shen Mingxi’s idea to send Tiantian away .

However, Shen Mingxi had been busy taking care of the Shen Corporation, he didn’t have time to consider checking out foreign schools .

So, one day, he posted, “Any recommendations for Chinese elementary schools in Singapore?”

Wei Ying was still awake, so she replied .

Coincidentally, Wei Ying had relatives or friends whose children were over there, so she knew more about it .

Then, Shen Mingxi private messaged Wei Ying and asked her to do it .

He didn’t think that she would take care of it so quickly and so well . She even made many comparisons and gave a lot of detailed data .

“Tiantian is so reliant on you… Aren’t you scared of causing psychological trauma sending her away like this?” Wei Ying worryingly asked .

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“I’m sending her away for her own benefit . It’s clear that staying here isn’t suitable for her . There’s always gossip in school… It won’t be good for her if she grows up in such an environment . What her mother did was shameful, as long as someone brings it up, it’ll harm her . She’ll have none of these worries if she goes abroad and changes her name . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“You’re doing it for her benefit, but does she know?” Wei Ying asked in a low voice .

“When she grows up, she’ll understand . ”

“Big Brother Mingxi, you’re really good towards that child . ” Wei Ying licked her lips . She said that sentence with a complicated heart .

Seeing Shen Mingxi treat Huo Yanyan’s daughter that way made Wei Ying feel a little ticked off . Perhaps it was a slight feeling of jealousy .

“If you had a dog for long enough, you would have feelings towards it… It’s the same for us… The fighting is between the adults, the child is innocent . Tiantian has been suffering since her birth . Her birth parents were one of a kind . If I don’t take care of her, the rest of her life will be ruined too . ”

“Big Brother Mingxi, I understand what you mean . You’re a good person,” Wei Ying stared at Shen Mingxi’s face and said .

“No, I’m not a good person . If I was, I wouldn’t have hurt you like that…”

After hearing that, Wei Ying seemed a little stunned .

This seemed to be the first time Shen Mingxi brought up their past .

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