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Chapter 3125: 3125
Chapter 3125 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 15

“Ahem, uh, Big Brother Mingxi, that’s all I can help you with in terms of school . You need to decide for yourself which school you want to choose for the child . I need to get going now, I have something to do . ”

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“Okay . ” Shen Mingxi nodded and saw her out .

“Thank you for helping me with the school . When I’m less busy, I’ll treat you to dinner . ”

“You don’t have to be so polite, I was just helping out with what I can, ha . ”

Wei Ying wasn’t used to Shen Mingxi’s sudden kindness .

When she was growing up, she got used to seeing Shen Mingxi’s cold face .

So, she found an excuse and left the Shen Corporation .

– On the island –

Huo Mian calculated the time, and when it was approaching, she couldn’t fall asleep .

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She got ready and wandered by the shore where the boat could port . She knew that that was where Huo Siqian’s men were landing .

At that moment, the sky was just lighting up…

The sun slowly rose from the horizon far away . The first ray of sunlight illuminated the ocean . The painting-like scenery made Huo Mian fall into a trance .

Maybe it was because she knew that she was almost off the island, she was in a great mood and began humming…

“Softly wake the sleeping soul, slowly open your eyes . ”

“Look at the busy world, see if it’s still spinning alone . ”

“The spring winds have awoken the youth’s heart, letting memories dry yesterday’s tears…”

It was an old song, but it was Huo Mian’s favorite song when she was attending school . Every time she listened to it, she could calm down .

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Most importantly, it was filled with positive energy . In high school, Qin Chu knew that she liked it and went out of his way to get her the collector’s album .

As long as she was still alive, she would have hope, right?

After some time, she saw a white speedboat approaching from far away .

Huo Mian couldn’t hold back her excitement and shot up .

She had already thought about how to deal with these people thousands of times .

When the boat parked in shallow waters, a dozen tall men walked down .

The leader was a buff white man with brown hair . He was wearing a white Armani t-shirt and black sunglasses .

The dozen men following him were all foreigners .

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Huo Mian carefully approached them…

Before she could get close, they pointed their guns at her .

“Who are you? Stop,” he said in English and made Huo Mian stop about five meters away .

“You’re Riley, right?” Huo Mian smiled at the leader .

“Why are you here?” It looked like he knew full well who Huo Mian was .

“It looks like I am right,” Huo Mian didn’t reply to him, she simply spoke to herself .

“Where’s my boss?” Riley looked around, and since he didn’t see Huo Siqian, he became on guard .

“You’re talking about Huo Siqian, right? It’s a little complicated,” Huo Mian replied in fluent English .

Riley’s facial expression changed slightly . He took a gun from his men and walked in front of Huo Mian .

He pushed the gun barrel against Huo Mian’s head…

“Say it, where is my boss? What did you do to him?” Riley looked extremely ruthless .

It looked like he was hostile towards Huo Mian .

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