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Chapter 3108: 3108
Chapter 3108 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 8

“Nezha?” Tang Chuan froze, and the others were also surprised, not understanding what Su Yu meant .

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“Ever since she got pregnant, troubles came to her one after another . I think the baby in her belly is an extraordinary figure, and he’s passing tribulations with his mother…” Su Yu said .

“Hahaha! Passing tribulations? Mr . Su, you’ve read too many novels about immortal cultivation, right?” Tang Chuan teased him .

“This soup is very good . I’ll get more for you guys . ” Obviously, Jiang Xiaowei didn’t want to continue the topic on Huo Mian .

Every time Huo Mian was mentioned, they felt sad .

When she changed the topic, the others understood her meaning and didn’t pursue it .

When Qin Chu entered his study, Ah-Cheng immediately stood up from the sofa .

“President Qin . ”

“Sit down, Ah-Cheng . ”

“Okay . ”

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It had been a long time since Qin Chu last saw Ah-Cheng . He looked haggard in dark grey shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt .

There were faint scars on his arms and thighs . During the years when he worked for Huo Siqian, he had taken lots of big tasks and got many wounds during the process .

When he worked for Huo Siqian, he had a very cold temperament; after returning to normal life, he looked softer .

“President Qin, are you okay now?”

“I’m fine . ”

“Good . ” Ah-Cheng nodded .

“How’s the kid?” Qin Chu asked .

“Very good . He’s been under monitor but there are no signs of rejection… I asked several doctors to check him and they all said the surgery was excellently done . Thank you . ”

“Ah-Cheng, don’t mention it . Do you know why I looked for you today?”

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“I do . President Qin, I…”

“Listen to me,” Qin Chu interrupted him .

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“If Huo Siqian isn’t dead, you’ll be in danger . From what I know about him, even if he doesn’t come back, he’ll order people to kill you . After all, you betrayed him . ”

“I know . ” Ah-Cheng nodded .

“So I’ve arranged to get you and your child out of here . ”

“Out of here?” Cheng was surprised .

“You and the child have no relatives here and can live anywhere . You can start anew in another place . ”

Ah-Cheng bit on his lip and fell silent .

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“I know Su Yu went to you when I was in the hospital and you told him everything you know . I won’t ask more questions . Just take this . ”

“What’s this?” Ah-Cheng took the Kraft paper bag Qin Chu handed to him .

“Open it . ”

Ah-Cheng opened it slowly and found an ownership certificate for a house and a cheque for 3 million yuan .

“I bought an apartment in Xiang City with your name on the ownership certificate . It’s not big, about 100 square meters, but it’s big enough for you and the child . Not knowing what brand of car you like, I didn’t buy you a car . Take the money and you can cash them in any bank . In that middle-scaled city, 3 million is not a fortune but enough to give you a comfortable life . After things came to this stage, you can’t return to work for Huo Siqian and can’t work for me either . So, start a new life as an ordinary person . ”

“President Qin, I… can’t take it . I don’t deserve it…” Ah-Cheng looked guilty and felt bad .

In fact, he hadn’t done many things for Qin Chu other than giving him some information, some of which was even false .

However, Qin Chu had saved him from Huo Siqian’s men who tried to kill him .

“Take it . Anyway, you must leave this place and get out of this mess . ” Qin Chu patted Ah-Cheng on his shoulder .

He got up and was about to leave when Ah-Cheng called out from behind, “President Qin, wait . ”

Qin Chu paused but his face was still calm as if he had expected Ah-Cheng had something to say .

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