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Chapter 3107: 3107
Chapter 3107 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 7

“Dad, what are you talking about? Little Bean is super cute and adorable; she’s not high-handed . Compared with her sister Pudding, she’s very gentle . ”

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“Pudding is gentle, too,” Wei Yunchu corrected .

Hearing the two innocent boys defend their future wives, everyone laughed, and the atmosphere lightened instantly .

Just earlier, they had almost lost their appetite due to the incident with Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying .

“Dad, drink it . It’s good…” Standing before Qin Chu, Little Bean looked at him without blinking .

His daughter was earnestly trying to stop him from drinking liquor .

“Okay . I’ll try it . ” Resigned, Qin Chu sipped at the blueberry juice .

“Is it good?” Little Bean asked expectantly .

“It’s good . ”

“Then drink it all…”

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Qin Chu: “…”

“Hahaha! Little Bean, your dad is a brave man but now he’s under your control…” Gao Ran burst into laughter .

“Uncle Gao Ran, you’re wrong . This is not control but concern . ”

“Yeah, you’re right . You look so good, so everything you say is right . ” Gao Ran found his heart almost melt when he looked at Little Bean’s adorable face .

“So… Qin Chu, do you still toast it or not?” Rick joked, which was rare for him .

“The blueberry juice is good . I’ll propose a toast to you with the blueberry juice to thank you all for everything you did . ”

Seeing Qin Chu’s sincere look, the others all raised their glasses .

During the dinner, Qin Chu got a call and his expression changed a bit after he answered it .

“You guys continue to enjoy the dinner . I’ll go and see someone; I’ll be back very soon . ” Then he stood up .

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“Brother-in-law, don’t worry . I’ll entertain them when you’re not here . ”

That said, Tang Chuan gestured to the others . “Come on, guys, enjoy yourselves . Haha . ”

“Mr . Tang, you’re cheeky . Do you really regard yourself as the host?” Su Yu teased him .

“Yeah . I’ll be a member of the Qin Family sooner or later . ” Tang Chuan held Qin Ning’s hand and smiled .

“If your mom heard that, she’d explode in fury, wouldn’t she?” Su Yu laughed .

“I don’t care . ” Tang Chuan was indifferent .

Tang Chuan’s attitude had been firm in front of his mother’s objection .

He had been defending Qin Ning from the very beginning, even though he had to disobey his mother .

But he didn’t think he was unfilial because he knew his mother was too aggressive and bossy .

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“It seems daughters are much more tender to their parents . Xixi, is your baby a boy or a girl? I heard the advanced technology abroad can tell you the gender of the baby at a very early stage, right?” Zhu Lingling asked .

Jiang Xiaowei said, “Yeah . Many women from rich families or celebrities go to Hong Kong soon after being pregnant to see the gender of their babies . Some families abort girls because they want boys . That’s a cruel practice . ”

“They are stupid . If everyone has boys, then they will have to be gay when they grow up . They won’t have wives, then!” Zhu Lingling was indignant .

“Honey, be careful . We have kids at the table,” Gao Ran reminded her .

“It’s fine, Uncle Gao . We understand Aunt Lingling’s words,” Pudding said calmly .

Gao Ran: “…”

“So Auntie Xixi, is your baby a boy or a girl?” Little Bean cocked her head and asked Xixi .

Rick put his hand gently on Xixi’s shoulder and said, “We didn’t check the gender . ”

Xixi smiled . “We don’t care . No matter if they’re a boy or a girl, we’ll love them . ”

“I wonder the baby in my mom’s belly is a boy or a girl . ” Little Bean sighed as she thought of her mom again .

“Little Bean, you’re bringing it up again?” Pudding hurried to stop her .

“I think Doctor Huo must have a Nezha in her belly…” Su Yu said suddenly . (Note: Nezhe is a Chinese mythical figure who was born as a ball of flesh and then brought many troubles to his parents . )

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