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Published at 16th of May 2020 05:20:06 AM
Chapter 3084: 3084

Chapter 3084 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 4

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“Silence?” Huo Siqian raised his brows and continued, “Then I take it that you want rice . ”

Then he went out to get busy .

He got busy with cutting wood, gathering fruits, cooking, and washing clothes for Huo Mian .

In the days when they were here, Huo Mian did nothing but gett angry, curse, and lose her temper .

In contrast, Huo Siqian had served her like a maid, which made her very uncomfortable .

When Huo Siqian wasn’t around, Huo Mian wandered on the island and began to think about how to leave it .

Huo Siqian didn’t even have a cellphone because the island blocked all electronic signals .

He must have instructed his men how often they should deliver provisions, and when his men arrived, he would tell them what to deliver for the next time .

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They were totally isolated from the world; other than her and Huo Siqian, not a single soul could be seen here .

Would she spend the rest of her life here?

Huo Mian would lose her patience if the situation continued .

She would jump into the ocean with the baby in her belly .

It would be a better fate than being imprisoned as pets; she would never let her child live like this .

She would never let her child be born as a prisoner like her and spend his entire life as a prisoner .

Huo Mian always thought she had a good brain . So, she had been trying to figure out a way to leave the island .

She even drew a huge SOS on the beach, hoping some plane or passing ship would see it and rescue her .

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SOS was the international code signal for help . Anyone, no matter which country they came from, would know someone was trapped here if they saw the signal .

At first, Huo Mian was full of hope .

Huo Siqian looked as if he didn’t notice what she was doing and let her wander around on the island .

But Huo Mian became hopeless after four days because she realized the island was so small that almost no ships passed it; the occasional planes passing it flew at least ten thousand meters above them .

No one would see her signal, which meant her plan of asking for help died before it could achieve anything .

It gave Huo Mian a big blow, and she was sulky for days .

In the evening, Huo Siqian came in with a platter as usual and placed it gently on the desk before Huo Mian .

Ever since she came here, Huo Mian had never sat down and had a meal with him on one table .

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But Huo Siqian seemed to be used to the arrangement .

“Mian, I heard that pregnant women must be in a good mood . It’s no good to be so melancholic all day long . ”

“It’s all because of you! Now you even dare to lecture me?” Huo Mian was resentful .

She felt she had become a person full of resentment and meanness; she would lose temper any moment .

The calm and wits that she possessed when she worked at South Side had completely disappeared in the face of this crisis .

“If you’re angry at me, just hit me and rail on me to vent your anger . ” Huo Siqian smiled .

“I want to kill you! Can I do it?” Huo Mian was furious .

“You can . Anytime… But I’m the only other living person on the island . If you kill me, you’d be alone . Who would take care of you?”

“Do I need you to take care of me? Ridiculous…” Huo Mian sneered .

“We’ve been here for a long time, but you’ve never smiled . I want to see you smile again . ”

“I’ll never smile at someone like you! Not for the rest of my life! Wake up from your dreams!” Huo Mian glared at Huo Siqian with a vicious look on her face .

“Mian, check this out . ” Huo Siqian handed her a Kraft paper bag .

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