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Published at 16th of May 2020 05:20:06 AM
Chapter 3085: 3085

Chapter 3085 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 5 

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“What’s this?” Huo Mian glanced at the bag warily .

“Look inside . ”

Suspiciously, Huo Mian took out the things from the bag .

Instantly, her heart melted when she saw they were pictures of Pudding and Little Bean .

Some of the pictures were taken on the street; some showed that they were eating in a restaurant, showing Little Bean with something oily at one corner of her mouth . She looked super cute .

Huo Mian gazed at the pictures with gentle love on her face, and her eyes looked warm .

Engulfed by motherly love for her children, Huo Mian looked very charming .

She looked down at the photos with a strand of long hair falling down, covering her elegant cheek .

Touched by the sight, Huo Siqian reached out to smoothen up the hair but his hand was slapped away by Huo Mian .

“What are you doing?”

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“Don’t worry . I just wanted to smooth back your hair . ”

“I don’t need you to do that . ”

“Okay! Okay! Relax . You are so paranoid, just like a small hedgehog . ” Huo Siqian chuckled .

With tears in her eyes, Huo Mian couldn’t put the photos down .

“Where did you get these photos?”

“My men took the photos… Are you happy? These were taken not long ago . Look at the date on the bottom . This one was taken the day before yesterday . ”

Huo Mian was silent .

“They took the photos and sent them to my men near here to print them out . If you like, I’ll let them take more photos . ”

“You sound as if you were doing me a favor… It’s because you kidnapped me that I can’t see my daughters . ” Huo Mian looked up and got angry again .

“Calm down, Mian . After your baby is born, you’ll be a mother again…”

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“Shut up! This baby has nothing to do with you . Don’t make schemes with him involved . ”

“No, I won’t . I’ll be nice to him . Don’t worry . ” Huo Siqian smiled .

“Seeing these photos, you must feel better now . I hope you can eat more tonight . ”

Then he walked to the dinner table to have his own meal .

Not in the mood to eat, Huo Mian just looked at Pudding and Little Bean’s photos and couldn’t put them down .

“They seem taller now…” Huo Mian murmured to herself .

– In the Army Hospital –

At six o’clock on the next morning, all the members of the Qin Family came to the hospital after hearing that Qin Chu had woken up . Su Yu also came to the hospital early in the morning .

Eager to see their father, the twins ran into the ward .

Qin Chu had gotten up early and was reading the documents about the real estate in Huo Siqian’s company . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

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He tried to find clues of their whereabouts in the documents .

“My goodness . Dad! You finally woke up,” Little Bean yelled, completely thrilled .

“Little Bean, did you miss me?” Qin Chu put down the documents and looked at his daughter lovingly .

“I missed you badly… Daddy… Wu…” Little Bean ran over and threw herself into his arms .

“Little Bean, you must be gentle . Dad just had surgery and hasn’t recovered yet,” Pudding reminded her from behind .

“I’m not afraid to hurt him . Our dad is a superman and won’t feel hurt . ” Elated, Little Bean wouldn’t release her arms from around Qin Chu’s neck .

Qin Chu kissed the little girl’s forehead .

Then, he looked at Pudding standing behind Little Bean .

“Pudding, come and give Dad a hug…” Qin Chu smiled at her gently .

Pudding shook her head .

“No . Dad, you haven’t recovered yet . I can’t hug you . ” Pudding was concerned about her dad’s health .

“You don’t love Dad anymore?” Qin Chu’s voice could melt anyone .

Goodness! Qin Chu was begging his own daughter…

He had never done it before; even Pudding was stunned .

“Sis, don’t be silly… Dad is begging you . Come on!” Little Bean waved at her sister and yelled .

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